Before Starting Your Blog You Should Try This…

Hello Friends, I’m back again. I hope you liked my last post  which was about your mindset for blogging. I published a survey to test your mindset. I received many inputs, now It’s time for me to publish results.

  • No matter what is your age group, you can blog. However if you’re of 10-20 years age group you need to have more experience, knowledge and language skills.
  • I also asked your hobbies, your hobbies only will decide what kind of niche should you opt for. If you love reading books you can write reviews, about writing, language skills, spirituality etc. If you’re a social media surfer you can write about social media and it’s technicalities. If you are a sporty personality you can write about sports and vice versa.
  • What made you decide to blog is a way which will later on determine which kind of personality you’re as well as if your blog is going to be successful in the long run. It shouldn’t be peer pressure nor any over-excitement.
  • Gaining publicity or earning money are not truly impressive reasons for you to blog. What you write must bring a change in society. Blogging is a means for spreading your Ideas.

Starting A Blog?

Now I think all your doubts are clear about that survey. So lets start. You need to start a blog, no?
It is although easy, yet not that much as you thought.


To Start a blog first of all you need to prepare yourself about it’s content design.
 Firstly, take a paper or diary , make it your blogging journal; or simply if you practice bullet journalling, make a column in it only. 
For five minutes you must write down all your ideas in which you specialise, which is your expertise and for which thing people praise you for.
You might get around 2-10 ideas about your niche. Rate them in the descending order. Descending order should be made on the basis of your interest. Suppose you’re praised for your certain skills, but your perfection lies in something else. Niche should only be one. If you write on different niches on a single blog, nothing remains besides ambiguity.

Social Media

You also need to activate yourself on social media, most trending of which are facebook, twitter and instagram. However, it’s not necessary that you work on all of them. You can install IFTTT for this purpose.  It will be later on beneficial for you as when you’ll make your blog you can publicize your content hugely on social media. 
Friends here is my Instagram profile, you can check over here how your social media presence should publicize your blog.
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