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Hello friend, I’m back again. Today with a new topic i.e, The Settings Of your Blog.  I think you might have read my previous posts, If not please click the following links.
Starting Your Blog In This Way Will Be More Easy Than You Thought.
After you build up your blog, Go to left side of your blogger.

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Settings of a blog are as important as making a blog.
  • Click On Settings.


In the Basic column, You’ll already have the name of your blog mentioned. You’ll have to add the description. Then in Publishing heading you’ll already have the address of your blog. You must use this option if you want to change the url. Then comes Forwarding Address. You’ll use it when you’re going to delete your blog or changing your URL.

  • Posts Comments and Sharing
In the posts heading . You can decide how many posts can your blog show. In post template you’ll add you text which will automatically appear when you write a new post. When you enable the showcase of your photos with lightbox, It will not look messy. You can decide your comment location. You must also add the google comments if you don’t have enough comments on blogger itself.  Decide if you want to share on google+.
  • You can decide easily about email and language and formatting. Let me tell you about Search Preferances.

  • Search Preferences
The description in the meta tags is different from description in the basic option. The description you write here will not be seen anywhere but will help search engines track your site. You must also set up your custom page not found.
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