Starting Your Blog In this Way Will Be More Easy Than You Thought…

  • Hello friends, I’m back again. Today I’ll tell you how to make your own blog. So just get ready to start the wonderful journey of blogging.
  • sign in button, creating a blog, blogger, blogging
    click on sign in button
  • First of all, you need to go to Click on the sign in button in right corner of the window.

  • After you sign in, you must get this sort of of window.

shiv sangal, google+, blogger, blogging,
Choosing a google+ profile will be more beneficial.
    Choose any option which is relevant for you. However I suggest that you must choose google+ profile as through it you can share your posts and you can get more followers through your blog.
    • Again a new window will appear. Click on Create your Blog.

    blogging, shiv sangal, create your blog,
    Click on create your blog.
    • Now you must determine the Title, Address and Theme of your blog. Remember! Your blog address should be very easy for people to remember. It also should be based and matched with your blog title. It should meaningfully represent your niche.

    title of blog, theme of blog, address of blog, shiv sangal, blogging
    Your title, address and theme must be relevant to your blog.
    You’re done. Don’t start writing yet. Before you start writing you need some more programming and designing. 
    Thanks for reading this post. Don’t forget to subscribe. If you have any queries you can leave your comments below. I’ll try my best to solve them.

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