You Should Really Blog If You’ve This Sort Of Mindset…

ॐ नमः शिवाय .
Being Indian by taking the god’s name, I hereby release my new blog.
Let me tell you, I’m already a successful owner of my old blog- JUST CHILL. But I started that blog three years ago when I was in 8th standard and now I’m in 11th. That’s why I feel that blog a little bit childish. Moreover at that time it was my first attempt, so I didn’t know the technical terms, SEO, Analytics Etc. At that time themes were also not very efficient. I didn’t even decide my niche. Now I laugh at myself that I kept my blog running without a niche and was even proud of it. Although I’m still a teenager and my thoughts can seem sometimes childish to you, yet what I tell you will be sacred for you. I  tell that you must read this blog If you’re going to start a blog.
Warning- Don’t get caught in paying off your valuable money at every thing any blog offers you. First you need to set up your blog and then you can.
Here I will recall my mistakes I made in my previous blog.
Now you need to prepare your mindset for writing a new blog.
Here is a survey, It will just take a few minutes

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