Customising This Ordinary Technique Will Drive More Traffic to Your Blog.

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Shiv Sangal

Hello friend, I’m back again. Today with a new topic, a technique which seems too ordinary but can drive too much traffic to your blog, i.e, custom page not found. I think you might have read my previous post, If not please click here.
What Is Custom Page Not Found?
A custom page not found is a page which is used to replace any post or page if by chance if it is deleted or internet is broken.
Why Custom Page Not Found Is Necessary?
First of all, You must Imagine what do you do after you just complete your content? You just post it, right?
For some amateurs and newbies it maybe yes; but once you’re a learner or a great blogger, you feel like you need to share it. Then you crawl on social media (maximum on facebook, instagram and twitter) for sharing your content. (I’ll discuss about sharing your posts later on, I’m not currently talking about it.). Suppose you’ve shared your content on those sites, but later on you delete that post for any reason, the link you shared is not erased automatically from your social media accounts. What will happen when people will click on the link to reach your blog. Your blog will show a default error message which is a limitation of your blog; it’s not appreciable. This invites the necessity of a Custom page not found.

How Can I Take The Maximum Benefit Of Custom Page Not Found?
By customising the custom page not found you’re personalising your website that why your audience is not able to reach the desired post or page. In this way your audience feels friendly with you. You can highlight your blog and some of your best posts in this way.
How Can I Add A Custom Page Not Found?
To add a custom page not found, you need to add some coding. However if you’re not a good html scholar I’ve a quick fix trick for you.

  • Add A Page
On the left side of blogger click on heading ‘pages‘. Then select ‘ New Page’. 
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First of all click the heading pages and then click on new page button on the top.

  • Write Down Your Content.
Start writing the content you want to publish. It should be in a proper format. 
You can Follow this format .
(Your Picture)
I think the internet is broken or the file has been deleted or you landed here by mistake. Still, you’re welcome to my world.
( you can link some of your posts to attract the reader)
Thank You.
Here’s how my custom page not found looks like.
Shiv sangal, blogging, custom page not found, blogger
This is my custom page not found.

  • Copy the HTML.
html, shiv sangal , blogging, blogger, custom page not found.
Click on the HTML button

Now You must click on ‘HTML’ button. Copy all the coding given over there.

  • Paste It.
Now go to left side of your blogger dashboard. Under the heading ‘Settings’, Opt for subheading ‘ Search Preferances’ . Under the minor heading ‘Errors and Redirections’ you’ll easily find ‘ Custom Page Not Found’ option. Edit it. Paste the code you’ve copied in it.
shiv sangal, blogging, custom page not found,
Now click on custom page not found option.

You’re Done. Try it.
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