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Happy Navratri Friends. It’s been a long time I came here on this platform. Actually I was busy on my another blog. Moreover Exams played a role too. So after around twenty days, I’m back here again. So here is my new post.
Recently I was reading Dale Carnegie’s ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’. It’s really an interesting book. From there I got an interesting topic to discuss with you. That’s what’s the difference between flattering and praising? Have you ever paid attention to it?
But indeed it plays a big role. Before proceeding I think we must look at the topic why you need to pay attention if someone wants to have fun with you.
When someone wants to have fun with you he’ll eventually try to crack jokes. Pay attention; his jokes will determine what he thinks about you.
If he cracks jokes on your appearance he surely means it. If he does this about your personality he means that too. So you must know here that if you’re a modest and serious person, the person cracking jokes surely will mean it. Avoid that person.
What an ideal joke or fun is like? It’s like when you’re feeling blue and your friend comes over to you and makes you laugh. Your doldrum is out. Isn’t it. An ideal joke or funny remark should cheer you up. If someone insults you, especially your friend by cracking any joke on you, it will do you nothing good but will drag your self esteem, respect and confidence down. Do you want a friend like this? This is the biggest and most noiseless test you can play on your friend. Result will be out.
Now let’s come up with the difference between Flattering and Praising.
Flattering is usually done by a person who’s recently turned as your friend, a jealous person or a person who wants to benefit from you. It is a socially condemned task. It is a play of tongue. It is sometimes sarcastically called out Buttering. 
Praising is done when a person out of joy and gaiety towards you expresses his gratitude. He is highly impressed. You’ve save his life. He wants you to be his friend. He’s no greed with you. You got to bring a change in his life.
Praising is a heavenly thing while flattering is dreaded.
Both are the arts used by great leaders efficiently to tackle daily problems, manipulate people. Do you know why some of the fake sadhus succeeded in their purpose. The reason is simple. They were able to win the support of those who were honest and with that reputation they curbed the minds of a multitude. Even in the times of mutiny they mobilized their supporters to cause riots.
We must make use of our senses. We’re humans not animals, so we’re boundless.
Today we covered up different topics, how to get if the person cracking jokes is benevolent or malevolent and the difference between flattering and praising.
If you liked this post I recommend you to share it as more as possible. As I always say Beliefs are contagious.
I wish you Happy Dusshera in advance. Goodbye Take-care.

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