Learn These Lessons From An Adorable Puppy

I always love puppies. Yes I do, no matter how small a boy or how grown up I become I always love them. Do you? Share your experiences with me here through comments or on instagram.

My First Experience With Puppies

When I was in kindergarten I was so cute. Once I was waiting for my school van with my mom. At that time mom took me at a nearby place where there was a shallow and narrow pit. In that were six puppies born on the same day. I was so impressed. But I didn’t touch them. I was afraid. At that time we also had a pet German Shepherd  bitch called Princy.
When I see puppies I forget everything. It is so good to see infant puppies roaming here and there. My tribute to those who are born in our localities and till death safeguard us and our homes. They mark their own areas and don’t even let dogs of other communities enter them.
When I touched puppies later out of affection my mom stopped me as they were unhygienic but I was so tempted that I lost self control. It’s a heavenly feeling when you pick up a light weighted puppy from the floor and play with it like a toy. The sound it makes preliminary of learning to bark ‘Au-oo-Au-kaw‘ is so merry.
When I was in first class a similar incident happened to me again when I was going to school. Mom took a small steel bowl and pour some milk in it. In the milk she dipped some leftover bread and rotis. I asked what she was doing. Mom politely answered that a small puppy is separated from his mother. She further asked me if I would like to meet him. I excitedly agreed. Mom took me downstairs. 
There stood my bicycle. Behind it was a small creature, i.e, a puppy. He was snow white and just of the size of an adult Indian Rat.  He was scared. We fondled him, so that he could feel free to come out. Then mom put forward the bowl. The puppy fed on the breakfast. Suddenly he stopped. He came out from a different direction and started howling and growling. Tears also showed up. He was missing his mother. I was feeling emotional. My bus came, I left.
In the afternoon I returned, The puppy was nowhere to be found, I asked mom. She said that she’d asked the servants to leave it in safe place. Well! That was necessary, Princy wouldn’t have tolerated a local breed around in home.
Many people don’t love puppies, they throw stones on them and drool them. Actually the people doing so are bored up of themselves. They’re from noisy environments.


To attract people it’s not necessary that you need to look good. No matter how the puppies look like they attract people. They’re not educated nor have read any book on psychology. Still They communicate with their eyes and smile. Don’t think that I’m defaming education but goodness is attraction not the fake expressions or emotions. Be honest, kind and Compassionate. That’s all you’ll need to deal with people. Don’t ever tease animals. They’re cute, aren’t they?

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