Happy Diwali

So, Diwali is here. Happy Diwali. As it is so long that we met, I decided to upload a new post. But before uploading I thought that it would be better if I provide you with any visual. A picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly a video comprises of thousands of pictures. You must watch my hindi speech I gave on the auspicious occasion of Diwali in school. Our music teacher- Mrs. Rakhi Dabral ma’am recorded it and uploaded it on her youtube channel. So if you watch this video you’ll really be excited about Diwali. You’ll get to see a thousand pictures. Each picture will lead to thousand words. Multiply them. They’re ten lakh words. Although this is only a two and a half minuted speech of around three hundred words you can feel the energy and feeling of the remaining number of words. Thank you.

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