Month Of September In a Scratch…

Happy October. The month of September has passed. It had been an interesting one. I got to learn new things. Every day which is fortunate enough to be mine is not wasted. This is because every time I get to learn new things. This month envisioned the great festival of Dussehra. So here I have a summary of the posts I uploaded in the month of September.

Life Lessons From Puppies..

I love puppies, do you? Puppies are cute. So In this post I shared my experiences from puppies in childhood. You’ll enjoy reading it. I shared two stories; the one in which I was hesitating in picking up a puppy and in second one, when a puppy was separated from its parents. Read this post.

Making Fun Is Harmful

When with your friends do you crack jokes? If yes, then your jokes can dishearten the other. Also you need to learn about the mindset of the person cracking jokes. 
Well you must tell me what is the difference between praising and flattering. Do you know? head over to this post.

Life Lessons From Gymnastics

I was not at all interested in physical activities until I met my gymnastics coach. Although I’m not to a large extent influenced to do so still my personality has improved at an exponential rate. Even I was not performing so good in gymnastics still I continued. Read the post to find the reason.
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