This Default Incredible Human Nature Will Help You Move On In Life…

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Incomplete departure is the symbol of future arrival.

In the eyes of some, till now I’m just a kid to discuss about this topic. Still what this topic is about is important. We need to talk about this topic as it is a topic of discussion. The topic is ‘How to move on in Life?’

The Bad Instinct

We people generally have an instinct to be too happy for joie de vivre and sorrow for our bad times. Yet both are short lived. Even if they are chronic they won’t affect us that big that we’ve expected.
This instinct is seldom natural, it is taught to children at a very young age. They’re not taught the real education but it is felt that education is the second name of cramming and roting. It is also popular that if they don’t perform tour de force in exams, their life is going to be all garbage. I can illustrate this. Every year students are asked to study hard, it will help them. But once that student reaches standard 9th, he realizes that it was all vain. He then feels that if he studies hard further it will be better.
But tell me one thing. Your 12th standard marks are going to help you for higher education. What once you enter the college? Now do they matter anything? You’ll again indulge in the rat race of scoring high which will take you to nowhere. I don’t oppose that you shouldn’t aim to score high. But don’t feel like high scores will set your life. Set your utopias accordingly. Every of your achievement and loss in life is short lived. Just ask one question to yourself. Will that situation be the same with you for the coming ten years? I bet ninety per cent of your worries will vanish.

Move On

Even you don’t worry to read this content out. Your mind has a natural and default way to cope with you. Your subconscious mind is really smart. It just pushes back the old content, i.e, old memories and makes space for the new stuff. A pretty good example to understand this is that you don’t always have the same friends, they keep changing. Although there are certain friends who won’t leave you up, yet certain circumstances separate people. For example, enmity. Or consider this, the moment I chose commerce, a majority of my classmates chose science. as a result some of the really good friends were left behind; but also some peoples’ being left behind was a great relief as they did the menial work of dragging me down out of envy. I don’t need to mention. My friends who are reading this blog better know to whom I’m pointing. On the other hand I made new friends in my class which was a new experience. Some people are malevolent too but this will do nothing but add to my experience and will make me strong.

My Friend- Mukul

One last experience please. I once had a friend in 5th standard whose name is Mukul. He later left the school. He was benevolent and honest. When he walked into class positive vibes were spread across. I was glad that I found someone who was so kind. He really worked very hard without cramming and did well in exams. Once there was a lot of homework in maths. The day before he was absent. So he had to complete the work and was seeking out for a notebook. Concept was difficult too. He asked me. I agreed but hesitated as homework was really too much. He still pleasingly took my copy.
After he returned the notebook next day I found my handwriting startlingly different. Then I remembered that it was not mine, homework of mine was not completed. Then I understood that it was Mukul who did the homework. Look at the dedication. He completed his work, did his homework and did mine too. He was really too responsible. I was really impressed. Still I avoided giving him my copies as it’s not good to exploit someone. He was sometimes so lost in studying that he wrote the same chapter twice. It’s true that humanity and hospitality exist. This has to be maintained. When he left the school I longed for him but then I felt that he will return someday. Incomplete departure is the symbol of future arrival. However I have learnt to move on in life but I can never forget how kind was he to me and if such an honest and responsible person can exist. I wish I meet my gymnastics’ coach and Mukul again some day. Mukul if you’re reading it, please contact me immediately.


Today I discussed with you how to move on in life. I also mentioned the dilemma I faced while the streams diverted. I told you about my friend Mukul.
So, friends, I feel It’s enough for today. Writing about this topic was a pleasure. I’m feeling emotional now. Hope you understand. Keep connected for future content. You can also read some more previous posts. You can also subscribe this blog and follow me on instagram.
I wish that you remain physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and socially healthy. Keep calm and spread love. See you.

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