Month of October In a Scratch.

So the month of October too has passed and November has begun. Time flies and soon 2017 will someday be an outdated year too. This month which was parallel to the hindi month of Kartik was indeed a memorable one. Wasn’t it? So let’s have a recapitulation of the posts discussed in the bygone month.

A Youtube Video For Diwali..

During Diwali, our music teacher of the school- Rakhi Ma’am captured a video of mine delivering a  hindi speech on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Devils Have A Speck Of Compassion

This post too I wrote on the occasion of Diwali. I insisted people on worshipping both positive and negative aspects of people. Just like Ravan was an intelligent man who composed Shiv Stotra. Moreover he was a son of a rishi.

This Default Incredible Human Nature Will Help You Move On In Life

Many people are stuck up with old thoughts of horrid pasts. But it is necessary to move on in life as time waits for none. The value of what you call important keeps changing from time to time. So what we have is temporary but if we are happy our state of mind is stable.
I also shared by experience of my friend of class 5th. His name is Mukul. There is one incident I mentioned in the post related to his honesty and responsibility.
Good news, my good samaritan is now found on instagram. I found him. If his account was public I would have shared some of his pictures with you. It was really fun to see him grow up. But amazingly his face structure is the same. Open these posts, it will be fun to read them out.
Mention in comment if you ever found your friend after a long time.
It’s first november today, so I wish you happy Halloween.
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I’m all ready for halloween. I wore a Full sleeved brown t-shirt featuring a skull inscribed in itself. With it I have my timex watch which is my real love.

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