Hello 2018! Bye 2017!

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The Christmas was like never before.

 I had the chance to visit my farm in Gurukul Narsan and saw the nature at its best. I felt that to what extent we’ve limited ourselves is not appropriate. What will happen after we depart with the transience of life. Being hindu, I felt that decorating a christmas tree is not just the purpose of christmas. Festivals mean to celebrate the engulfment of positive vibes. I wasn’t able to decorate my house, tree or visit the church, but only a few know that christmas is very much relevant to the hindus too. Jesus Christ visited India to pray to Lord Shiv. The mention is found in Bhawishya Puran.
poplar, shiv sangal, blogging, gurukul narsan, India
The deciduous poplar trees in a farm.
Shiv sangal, blogging, farm, gurukul narsan, ridge.
When you sit on a ridge in your own farm, isn’t it a satisfactory heavenly feeling?

What I Did In 2017?

Grew Up

Have you been on my Instagram profile? Not yet? reach here. What do you notice from my bio. It reads ‘I’m a 16 y/o lad and this is my journey of growing up. Determined to prove that minors have voice ‘ This year I realised that I’ve grown up, I’ve matured. No one can ever call me that I’m a child. No one can ignore me. No can can bully me. 

Started This Platform

I must tell you that you must consider that this is not any regular blog or website to mint money. If the purpose was earning money, I would have started taking ads, use affiliate marketing networks. But do you see any? No. The purpose of this blog is to create awareness in the minds of youth that they can do something. To parents that they mustn’t think that their wards are too young.
This blog isn’t my first one. I’ve a second one too which I made three years ago. Click here.


Exploration is extremely necessary to be happy. I read many books, took my school seriously and left all the worries.

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