Cheerful Starting of 2k18

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You can see the crowd over the temple of Shanidev. The beauty of the tree which cast it’s wide shadow and the hilly background.
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The new year begin as usual with 1st January 2018 as it does every year. However something was unusual yesterday. I woke up in the morning and got ready. Still, no matter how many clothes I put on, cold sustained. From balcony I saw, the sky was covered murkily by a blanket of fog.
I and family as usual had decided to go to visit the Sidhbali Mandir in Kotdwar to mark the new year.
I have  decided to fast every monday . So we began our journey on 8 o’ clock in the morning.
Generally when we sit in the car, it’s normally enough hot for us to undress with our sweaters and jackets, but the weather didn’t allow us to do so. Finally we departed shivering.
The driver had to drive slow due to fog. The mist was again and again depositing on the windows, it had to be wiped off through wipers.
The way to the temple is an interesting one. You go through Bijnor and Najibabad both of which are areas of muslim majority. Then we had to pass through Rajaji National Park. Finally we arrived in the hilly city of Kotdwar. Here on the top of the hill was based the temple of Hanumanji, i.e, Sidhbali Mandir.
We started visiting here in 2003, from then on we’ve witnessed it’s growth and popularity, perhaps people’s growing faith in this pilgrimage.
This time, the queue was so long that we’d to wait for around half an hour in  the stairs. Another good news, for the first time I broke a coconut on the rock.
I must insist you to visit this place. you’ll surely get mesmerized. The vibes of this temple are worth absorbing.

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