The New Year Has Just Begun… Here’s How.

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Having your seventeenth birthday is such a merry feeling. It feels so good to be a minor especially when it’s just one year to go for you to be an adult.

It’s my birthday today, i.e, 19th January. Birthday in my way is a new year for an individual. So my new year has begun now.
Today I woke up as usual. I went to walk and temple as usual. So what I want to tell you is that there’s no special about the birthday. Still, you need to remember, your birthday is unique to you and your near ones. So what’s good on your birthday is not to clutter your home and mingle with useless people( I don’t mention your valuable aquaintances).
Today I didn’t go to school, I just wanted to engulf every of the moment of the auspicious day in myself with solitude. My friends wished me up through text. Some put stories of mine on instagram. Some phoned me up. Birthday makes you enjoy the royal treatment. You’re a one day celebrity. I took time to complete my homework. In the evening my mama and his daughter Parkhi arrived at our home. In that time I blew the candles and cut the cake with a wish in my mind.

What To Do On Your Birthday?

Some people get themselves and their friends to some nearby public places. To this extent, it is right. But some do make a lot of hullabalooic panic which is intolerable while your parents are waiting at their home alone. Is it appropriate? Just imagine, if someday they go to celebrate their anniversaries or birthdays leaving you alone, how’d you feel?

  • Peacemaking
Whatever you do, no matter you celebrate or not, you must live in peace.

  • Meditate
This is a stage of transition of your personality. Take some time for yourself. Meditate, Read and Relax.

  • Discard And Unlearn
Birthdays are appropriate for you to improve yourself. Every of your birthday leave any of your destructive habit and years later you’ll find yourself a perfect gentleman.

  • New Tree
If every year you plant a new tree, when the tree will grow up it will remind you of your previous birthdays.

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