New Book Out-‘Sarita’


Finally, I’m a published author. I’ve made a debut with my first book ‘Sarita’. It’s available on Amazon Kindle at just Rs.51.


Sarita, a poor housemaid is anxious when her mother-like friend Koshalya, another housemaid; on her deathbed puts forward her last wishes of getting her twenty-two year old son, who is in love with Sarita’s cousin,  married to a tribal girl trafficked from Bihar and getting her minor daughter going to work, who instead wished to study. She although doesn’t agree, but still finds no solution being caught in a dilemma.
The voices of both the ladies are subdued by the acts of their drunk husbands. Will Sarita be able to rise up?
Get to know the journey of Sarita for the struggling feminism.
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This book is a pot-pourri of different emotions. At some time, you’d smile at Sarita’s cheerfulness; at others you can show some empathy with the hard times she faces.
 You can have initial sample over here, and if you like it, you can buy it.
 After reading the book, I insist that you give me some honest reviews so that I can know the perceptions of my readers.


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