8 Ways Doing Art Helped Me.

I love colours and I love colouring too. In recent days, I’ve made a comeback to the art. My exit from art also has a great story behind.

When I was in UKG, my parents got me a 365 paged colouring book which hasn’t filled till date.
In childhood I used to draw horrible portraits of children.
I got the second prize in an art competition by ING Bank and consolation prize in one by BVP.
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 What Is The Reason That I Acquitted Art?
In school, stress was laid on imitating the sketches and portraits drawn by the art teacher on the blackboard. There was no scope of creativity. There was a rat race of standing upto the standards, of being the best.
To me, this feeling is not artistic.
My art teacher rejected my entry for a rubber ball designing competition calling it ‘childish’ but what I realise is that Art is all about initiative and creativity which she violated. 
8 Ways Doing Art Helped Me.
1. No Rat Race Of Being The Best.
I’m literally tired of running in this rat race of showing the best, being the best. Nobody’s perfect. Even when you’ve won one race there’s another.
With the art which I make, I’m completely satisfied with what I make. It is unprofessional, but beautiful.
2. Ideas Are My Own.
I don’t have to imitate what my art teacher has drawn on the black board. I express my emotions. I let my mind free to seek inspiration.
You know where my ideas come from?
They come while I’m studying, when I get stuck on any topic, my hands involuntarily start scribbling on the notebook. I’ve started fairing these designs.
3. No Pressure From Art Teacher.
Art doesn’t come from the edge of a stick or from the fear of punishment. Art is worth loving but not from any point of view of following standards. Every artist has his own ideas and creativity.
4. Helps Me Avoid My Afternoon Sleeps.
I really feel very sleepy during afternoon. When I start studying from the morning, my mind really gets tired by noon.
Earlier I used to sleep for an hour or two but I recently read that it’s bad for our health. So I opted for Art and I’ve seen that I sleep straightly at night without sleeping in afternoons.
5. Managing Stress And Boosting Creativity.
Art helps me face the stress I encounter while studying. Also it doesn’t let my sparks fade. I get new ideas and make use of them. I relive my childhood.
6. Takes Just 10 Minutes.
The designs I make are simple and take just ten minutes. I use crayons which are compact and convenient.
7. Nice Background For Other Images.
When I click pictures of important objects or articles, these pictures act as nice background.
8. Making A Photo Stock.
Sometimes I feel like I’ve nothing to post on instagram or for my blog headers. There I’m able to use my art.

8 Ways Doing Art Helped Me.

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