Throwback To Mom-Dad’s 25th Anniversary

So, three days back was mom-dad’s 26th anniversary. Last year we celebrated their 25th anniversary. I couldn’t share it then because I had my economics exam the very next day.
It was a good function however.
Since, there are around 1000 pictures, the team of photographers clicked for us, I’m showing you only a few of them as it’s not possible to post all.
We organised the anniversary party at Silver Leaf which is in Muzaffarnagar itself. 
It has a good decor and can hold at most 500 guests. ( Don’t assume this to be sponsored).
Enjoy these pictures.
Doesn’t it seem as if I’m in a sort of fairyland.

Oh yes! I can dance. The song was…I remember…”Boyfriend Bana Le“. Before this, I danced on the teacher’s day function after which I was heavily trolled. 😛

I’m too bold for them to be pulled easily.

The best picture.

Our Family.

Mom-Dad posing together.

That Disconcerting Incident At The Party.

Well, These pictures are great, aren’t they? Do you know who clicked them? The Photographer, should be the obvious answer. But do you know, who the photographer was?
That’s not important for you to know, right?
That wouldn’t have been important for me too right away; hadn’t I remembered that he was following me on instagram.
Meeting your unknown instagram followers in real life can be quite awesome, right?
But I was a fantod at that moment with a strange gut feeling and a state of conflicting emotions. Still, I suppressed them. Finally, when the party was over, I thanked him for his good job.
My family laughed heartily when I told them.
“Shiv is getting quite popular.”, “Wherever we go, shiv’s followers accompany.” were the statements used to troll me till subsequent days.

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