8 Points To Question If Dehradun Is Going To Emerge As The Educational Capital In 2020?

Parents love their children and that’s certain that they think the best for them.
As I’m from Muzaffarnagar which is not a very big city, students either study in their local institutions, which according to me don’t have very good infrastructure. Parents who want good education for their children send them away from home for their higher studies.
Most of the parents prefer sending their children to North India itself. I too appreciate this. Unless a college is exceptional, it’s probably useless to go miles away.
Summing the above paragraph up, there may be many colleges in the entire North India, but basically, the recognized rising hubs are Dehradun, Delhi-NCR and Chandigarh.
In this post I won’t write about schools. Only colleges would be taken into consideration for this time.
Many of my classmates studied in boarding schools and I didn’t see any difference in their personalities. They were just like any other student.
Here I’m going to postulate some facts about whether Dehradun is really going to emerge as the educational capital in 2020.

1. Distance

Talking about Muzaffarnagar, I must tell you basic information.
My current college in Dehradun is 114 km away from my hometown and my previous college in Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi was 136 km away from my hometown. Indeed, this proves that both are viable options for me. Similarly, both Dehradun and Delhi are equally viable options for my neighboring towns, for instance, Shamli, Meerut, Baghpat and Saharanpur as well.

2. Ambiance

Here, Dehradun wins the race.
Most of the students studying in Dehradun are the domiciles of Uttarakhand itself who are generally good natured people.
Crowd remains the same for both Delhi and Dehradun.
But, coming to the facilities provided, Delhi-NCR is way ahead. Most of the universities have built huge sources of finance to provide good quality of infrastructure. Though, some government colleges in Delhi still lag behind in this regard.
Read my previous article to know more about several infrastructural factors which determine the quality of an educational institution.

3. Extra-Curricular Activities

Here too, Delhi-NCR wins the race. Since, I’ve seen the quality of both colleges in Delhi as well as Dehradun, so I can tell you about the status of extra-curricular activities in both of the areas.
If I ever come up with any idea to check whether any such event is in Dehradun or not, there are less chances of them appearing on the internet.
I surfed the internet to find some public libraries to join. I found fifteen relevant results. I began dialing the contact numbers. To my dismay, I found that only three were functional. Rest had shut down within the past decade.
However, Delhi is different, there are generally a few societies which deal with them. If they happen to be in any private university, they are greatly accountable to the administration. However, if they are in any government university, they’re relatively autonomous. 
Students in this way can themselves plan to invite guests, organize industrial visits etc.

4. Air And Water Quality

The air quality of Dehradun is better than Delhi-NCR. Even the most crowded area of Dehradun, i.e, Paltan Bazaar, Astley Hall and Rajpur Road, are less polluted than the cleanest area of Delhi.
If you talk about water quality, it’s poor of both.
Dehradun’s water has high calcium content, so the inhabitants usually suffer from gastric diseases or hair fall at least.
However, if you look at the local water bodies in suppose, Tapkeshwar or Daak Patthar, you’ll find it crystal clear.
It is evident that groundwater is polluted.
Geologists say that during the colonial times, Limestone mining was carried on between Mussoorie and Maldevta. It might be a significant reason that there is a great amount of calcium in water.
Delhi’s water is polluted due to toxic leakages in the Yamuna.
Air is polluted, getting Delhi the awaited worldwide fame.

5. Placements

Though, placements vary from college to college, the basic package remains the same, unless the student has any accomplishment other than the college. 
After coming to Dehradun, I’ve at least learnt to stop associating my growth with my college.

6. Education

This is the basic reason for which a child leaves his home. If this condition is not fulfilled, his decision is turned into a regret.
I suggest you strongly to check any course’s curriculum before opting for it. 
If you pursue your course with any specialization, it would be better for you.
Dehradun has a good scale of education if you want to pursue any course of scientific nature.
Most of the universities, if they don’t provide any specialization in the course, take the commercial courses, taken for granted money making hubs.
If you’re pursuing B.Com or B.B.A, you’re supposed to be more financially intelligent.
Get some of your people who’re the bona fide or alumni of the colleges you’re seeking admission in, to tell you clearly about your questions. Don’t be hasty, a few inquiries will save you. You might even thank me later.

7. Discipline and Rigidity Differentiation

Many parents think those colleges to be good where the administration has a strong domination over the students. However, such practices suppress the power of initiative among the students and also shame them for raising their voices.
Time is changing, globalization has entered the scenario; in order to save ourselves from being left behind, we’ve to figure out the difference between discipline and rigidity as soon as possible.
Dehradun’s colleges need to change themselves to the better in order to stay in the competition. Right now, Delhi and Dehradun, don’t even have a competition.
All of the colleges in Uttarakhand have enforced the uniforms as per the orders of the CM.
I’ve described it extensively in another article, that why do I believe that enforcing of uniforms in colleges is unethical. 

You were following your teacher and administration in school. You’re doing the same in college. You’ll continue the tradition in your workplace as well. Man! When will you listen to yourself.

From this, I find Delhi better as several disciplinary measures as necessary are taken. Liberty is with students as well.
Look, many people accuse that giving liberty to students gives rise to many anti social acts.
I believe that anti-social elements are everywhere.
We had a Muslim classmate in our school when we were in tenth standard. He eve-teased a girl of ninth standard of our school itself. Our in-charge got to know of this matter. She scolded the boy, made him apologize in front of the girl and the matter was suppressed thereafter.

7. Tourism and Recreation

Both Delhi and Dehradun offer their own source of tourism.
If you’re in Dehradun, there is a lot of natural sightseeing for you. Moreover, you can visit hill stations like Mussoorie and Dhanoulti (where it even snows). There is a chance for you to visit Rishikesh (the yoga capital of the world). There are many places, you can search on the web or surf my blog itself.
I don’t appreciate the tourism of Delhi in particular. Most of the sightseeing in Delhi is materialistic. Or tourist places include the annexed or destroyed Hindu temples and forts. History is hidden.

8. Accommodation and Conveyance

In terms of conveyance, I appreciate Delhi. Metro makes you cover greater distances in shorter time which is really appreciable. But the Dehradun conveyance is in no way less. They’ve nominal fare and set themselves way less in your budget. You can use Vikram or buses to reach the destination. 
Coming about Accommodation, Dehradun’s accommodation is relatively cheaper than that of Delhi. You can find a room for just yourself at a monthly rent of INR 6000. If you’ve one or two partners you can divide it accordingly.
However, in Delhi, a single seater room would cost you around INR 14-15k.
Monthly Tiffin expenditure in Delhi is around INR 4.5-5k, while that of Dehradun is around INR 2-3k.


Every place has its pros and cons. Dehradun is one of its kind. Delhi is also unique on its own. If you talk about expenditure, Dehradun is better than Delhi. If you talk about college life and liberty to students, Delhi is better. Distances for common household to reach any of these places are nearly same. In terms of extra-curricular activities, Delhi is better. Dehradun has better air quality as compared to Delhi but the water quality of both the places is not up to the mark. Both the places have ample of tourism and recreational opportunities.
It can be concluded that it is a distant dream for Dehradun to be the educational capital in 2020.
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