2 Nepali Movies You Must Watch

I’ve recently started learning Nepali. I usually pick up on those languages, of which, I can find a speaking environment. Without speaking, I don’t think, learning any language with proficiency is possible. There are a lot of students of Nepali origin in my class. Many students, even if not Nepali, know how to speak Nepali or at least understand Nepali, because, it is quite popular in Uttarakhand.

So, today, I’m discussing with you two Nepali movies, I recently watched as a part of my practice of Nepali. 
I can’t say that I understood exactly what they were speaking but, the setting of those stories was in such way, that watching them the way they’re makes everything clear. 

1. Jerry

It was released in 2014 and was directed by Hemraj B.C. The movie starts with a boy of Kathmandu, Jerry, who goes to Pokhara with his two friends to have fun. The character of Jerry is played by Anmol K.C. There, Jerry finds his childhood friend who introduces him and his friends to her group. In her group was a girl named Akanksha. The character of Akanksha is played by Anna Sharma. Jerry flirts with Akanksha but soon falls in love with her. From Pokhara, most of their crew leaves and they depart towards Mustang. Scenic beauty in which the film is shot is enthralling. 
Akanksha was looking for a scholarship to pursue her photography career in a European College. Jerry dies of deterioration of health caused by the cold climate of Mustang. It is then revealed that he had asthma. After his death, in her exhibition, Akanksha, receives her scholarship from the college for which she had applied.

2. Dreams

It was released in 2016 and was produced by Bhuwan K.C. In this movie, Aveer (played by Anmol K.C), inherited his father’s hotel business in Pokhara after his death. He falls in love with Kavya (played by Samragyee RL Shah), who comes to work at his hotel. Aveer in his dream watches Kavya meeting an accident. When he wakes up, he is terrified as his dream of his father’s death came true.
He tries to distract from that thought and so goes on trips and dates with Kavya. The city life as well as cafe and resort culture is fantastic in the movie. 
Finally, once, he takes her in her car and stops the car at the same location of his dreams. He sees that every deatail of his dream is being recreated. Suddenly, he watches the same car approaching. 
In the next moment, everyone of their families is in the hospital. The fact is unveiled that, in fact, Aveer died while saving Kavya.

What I Liked About These Movies?

The setting of the movies is simple. They’re easy going. I don’t like conspiracies or movies stuffed with a lot of villains leaving your mind devoid of any peace even after the movie ends.
The cultural factor remains the same for Indian as well as Nepali movies. These movies were efficient in triggering their audience’s emotions.

What I Didn’t Like About These Movies?

In the end of both of the movies, the hero died. I don’t think, it’s a good way of conclusion.
In Jerry, the ending could be that Jerry’s life was saved and he married Akanksha after overcoming his sickness.
In Dreams, the ending could be, that after saving Kavya, even though, Aveer met with an accident; his life was saved and he married Kavya.
However, these opinions remain my own since they’re based on my perception. The actors as well as the settings of both the movies were beyond excellence.

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