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So, my friends as well as my readers had been lately asking me to share my expertise over several topics. 
I finally decided that it is not right to keep all the knowledge I have with myself. I should share it with people, so that they could also benefit from it the way I did.
So, before you proceed, you must know all the information about the webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Where would this webinar be organised?

The webinar would be organised via Google Meet.

How long would be the webinar?

The webinar would be of two hours duration; on 26th July, 2020, from 11AM to 1PM.

What would be the capacity of the webinar?

The webinar would just have spots for 100 participants.

What is the ticket price of the webinar?

The webinar would be absolutely FREE.

What topics would be covered?

Following topics would be covered-

  1. Financing your higher education decisions according to your family’s financial conditions.
  2. Managing stress.
  3. Boosting your academic profile and enhancing skills.
  4. Miscellaneous topics related to college life.

What perks would be offered?

  1. Each participant would get a LinkedIn Recommendation as well as skill endorsements from the organizer.
  2. Udemy courses worth thousands would be provided for FREE.
  3. Sources for getting premium ebooks for FREE would be discussed.

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