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Feminism or Pseudo-Feminism? Know The Difference.

So yeah! A few days back, my sister in a random conversation just meant, “You should be guilty that men are so patriarchal.” I asked her, what does patriarchy mean and further, what it means to her.

She couldn’t answer both of my questions. This led me to clarify my audience about how generally public is brainwashed into believing something while not even being completely sure about it.

What is Patriarchy, exactly?

The word Patriarchy is derived from Latin, which means ‘Father’s Rule’. The word has been used in different contexts throughout the history. However, in general it means, a society in which men have more role to play.

However, the etymology of the word shows no trace of any sort of denigration.

Why has so much negativity been associated with Patriarchy?

Patriarchy has been an inclusive practice. Civilizations all across the world have been maintaining laws respecting women as well. So there’s no use of associating patriarchy with different sorts of negativity.

In India, particularly, there’re less evidences of discrimination based on genders. Women have been enjoying great social lives and have got a greater say in how everything works.

Division of roles cannot and definitely shouldn’t be counted as discrimination. 

If any crime is committed, it is the misdeed of the guilty. Hence, shaming the entire race of men holds no use.

What is Feminism?

Feminism means a movement or a school of thought preaching the equality of sexes.

It in itself has brought great results, like getting women access equal opportunities, fighting for rights and tackling oppressors.

What is Pseudo-Feminism?

When put simply, Pseudo-Feminism is fake feminism, which means misusing the powers and public trust bestowed as a result of a real feminist movement.

Feminism is for the equality of the sexes, but when any point comes where they claim about blaming men for everything or their extermination, there it goes wrong.

Similarly, just for the sake of equality, if any woman flaunts herself smoking, drinking or using abusive language, it cannot be justified.

Such pseudo-feminist women undo the efforts laid by multitudes of real feminist women, because, the example they set is not right.

Crimes against women are rising, so are rising the cases where women have laid false allegations. This is simply the abuse of power.

When women brag, “All men are trash” or “Kill all men” it doesn’t matter. Just imagine what happens when men do this.

What is the solution?

One thing that needs to be clear with both men and women is that balance of social structure is important.

Women might claim that without women, no life would take place on Earth. Similarly, no life would take place without men either.

Both of the genders need to know that they’re dependent on each other.

Women have an advantage of property from both sides, in-laws and natal home. They’re able to secure an alimony if they get divorced. 

There’re hardly any work related obligations for them. They can take frequent career breaks. Imagine this for men and the settings they’ve to do in their lives if they’ve to take the same decision.

Whenever, any man or woman thinks of feminism, meninism, patriarchy or any other concept, they must keep in mind, if they can define what they think. And further, they should figure out if the opinion is their own. If not, they must always remember the origin of the idea to get themselves perfectly sorted.

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