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How To Get Your Book Reviewed by Shiv Sangal?

I was so busy with my startup that I didn’t even notice that four articles of this website of mine showed up on google’s frontpage.

So, here you can check up on the posts I wrote that recently went viral.

Ranga’s Marriage: 10 Issues Over Its Presence In NCERT Syllabus

The Temple Where Devi Grew Food On Her Skin

What Ruskin Bond Wrote About Shamli?

Experience Shukratal’s Ganga Ghat: A visual guide

The fact remains that I’ve written hundreds of articles, and it took me years of dedication and diligence to reach this point. Furthermore, this is just a beginning. 

The article in which I criticized the presence of Ranga’s Marriage in English Curriculum of class 11th created massive controversy. I also got wide support alongside. I was myself an eleventh grade student in 2018 when I wrote this article. It began with my own dissatisfaction. I wrote to CBSE as well as NCERT. And no reply and action by them drove to write the article.

Since, since 3 years, the article is flourishing; more and more of my readers, friends, family and relatives are urging me to review more books.

I’ve finally agreed to accede to their massive requests.

Advantages of Getting Your Book Reviewed

  • Backlinks

Whenever, I review anything, I share their links. In case, you give me your website to link alongside, that would develop backlinks for you (quality ones), which would enhance your Domain Authority (a recognized SEO metric).

  • Author Fame

While some people buy by looking at the book cover, some people read about the author first.

If you, as an author, help yourself establish a personal brand (of yourself), your book might have a credibility in the market, for those who assess a book’s goodwill based on the author.

  • Leads

People who get impressed with the book reviews often end up buying them, and if the review is honest, they end up liking the book even more; which makes them recommend it even more.

  • Convenience to Readers

More readers get to know if the book would be right for them.

In a digital setting, buyers are not able to riffle the pages to check it. Therefore they check the reviews, cover, plot and price. That’s it.

Even if your book is being sold in an offline setting, you can stick the reviews on front or back covers and pages.

  • Aesthetic Marketing

I’ve worked with various brands before. So, your book review done by me would not just be a review, but more like a PR campaign. Pictures clicked with it would also be aesthetic.

  • Proof of Authenticity

People are more likely to buy stuff which has good reviews.

How to get your book reviewed by me?

Well! This is a golden opportunity for publishers and writers.

Here’s what you need to do to get started.

  • Pitch

The writer or publisher intending to get its book reviewed contacts me or if I’m interested in working with someone, I contact. My email address is [email protected] . I’m equally active on instagram and linkedin. 

  • We talk about the expectations from both sides

Keeping the terms and conditions clear is extremely important.

We talk about the expected deliverables and the possible payout. 

Like, there might be a specific format about the kind of review content the client might require. Or the budget it has.

Talking about myself, I have bookshelves full of books at home, so I prefer the client sending me ebooks, since it would also save their shipping costs (thus making their campaign cost effective). However, if there are any specific requirements of the campaigns, such as any special paperback edition or rare print, having which would add value to the campaign, it would be great.

In essence, I have no issues with having prints and paperbacks to review, but keeping in mind the concerns of my clients’ costs, I mean that, I’m okay with receiving the books in digital format.

  • The Book Review is uploaded on the website and pictures/videos are also uploaded on social media.

I cannot guarantee any time frame within which the content would be uploaded. Since reading books takes time. However, it must be known in general that I read 100 pages in an hour and in not more than a day (depending on the context). With this regard, the book review would be uploaded within a week in most of the cases. Pictures/ videos of the campaign are uploaded on my social media handles.

  • Deal is Closed

Once the content is uploaded, the client can let it be known to me if he needs any revisions or changes. In that case, such revisions are made, else the deal is closed. The client would pay for the deliverables provided. In some cases, depending on the campaign, some percentage of payment might be required in advance.

What other stuff am I open to?

I review all sorts of products. Kindly let me know your brand’s requirements.

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