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Content is king. Content is the key.

My content would give life to your website.

I write content that shows up and gets noticed.

I write copies that sell.

I write content that fetches you leads.

Youtubers publish their videos, I write their scripts.

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Shiv Sangal

Shiv Sangal is a content writer and a self made entrepreneur. He has worked with various renowned brands which has given him immense expertise in branding and how the market works in the creative industry. He’s been blogging since six years. His personal branding course on Udemy has transformed the lives of nearly 2000 students. He reads a lot and has travelled to 20 states of India.

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I'm a blogger after all and have been doing this since 2014. My life is more like a hundred years of experience collected in twenty years.

These essays would serve as my writing samples if you wish to have me as your content writer.

9 Ways To Be A Good Guest At Parties

Just scroll through the instagram feed and you’ll come across thousands of reels where they’ll teach you etiquette about what …
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College: 3 Benefits of Pursuing in Hometown

As soon as his schooling is over, an average teenager starts dreaming about his college life in a different city …
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Where Has The LGBT Movement Gone Wrong?

When certain sections of 377 of the IPC were decriminalized in September 2018, I knew this was coming. I knew …
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9 Work-Life Balance Tips for Women

Where and how has the modern feminism gone wrong? Starting it as a disclaimer, this piece of content is not …
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