Get Your Instagram Handle Managed by Shiv Sangal

Instagram Account Manager, Shiv Sangal
Your landing on this page indicates two things, either, you were just surfing about social media marketing or were looking for the service I'm offering right now.
Yes, you're right. There're many people who have a goodwill of their brand but the extent of reach is limited. Most of the people have a FOMO(fear of missing out) about social media. And why not? Social Media is a great tool to drive leads to your brand's value.
If you're not well acquainted about social media or are running short of time, I'm here to help you out.

Why Is This Service For You?

I'll soon be completing my fifth year in the blogging industry, so I've been indulged in researching the activities of various micro and macro bloggers.
I've worked with many brands, so I know very well what they expect. Because of my work, I was able to communicate with PR agents of many brands. 
Along, with this, I've also been to many places, so I'm much familiar with different cultures. I've pursued many courses related to digital marketing. Moreover, Instagram is my specialization.
Right now, I'm offering a service in which I'll be managing your Instagram Account on the basis of a cheap monthly fee.

Highlights Of The Service

  1. I'll post pictures everyday and will also promote them.
  2. I'll post stories on a regular basis.
  3. I'll give a professional look to your profile.
  4. I'll work on a decent theme of your feed.
  5. I'll regularly communicate with you all the matters related to the account.
  6. I'll communicate with bloggers and influencers about promoting your products and will forward you the most feasible deals.
  7. Instagram is not about getting huge followers, but getting responses even from a small audience.


  1. The manufacturer is supposed to provide the pictures of the products in case of tangible goods.
  2. An Instagram Account.
  3. This service is subjected to availability. The prospective client would be contacted shortly after reception of the email.
  4. Currently, only Indian Clients would be approved.


The prices for the service are negotiable. Just email me at in case you're interested.

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