Content Writing

Content is literally the king. Content has that sort of magnetism which attracts huge traffic to your site and converts it into subscribers and customers. Even, if you can't get leads or conversions, content is still important, as it's an expression of you or your brands entity. Your site is your home on the internet and your content is analogically your stake in the ambiance.
I already know what I'm telling you, that's why, I focus on my content with austerity. Though, I always maintain, that this strictness about my content shouldn't inhibit the creative aspect.
If you're not confident about your content, then don't worry, I'm here for you. I can write the content for you.
You can have me in two ways, as a content writer or a guest blogger.

Content Writer

I can write content on your site. If you're not confident about your content or are pushed with workload, or just need a writer in any specific discipline, I'm here for you.
Moreover, What I charge will be decided on the basis of your metrics. This means, on the basis of evaluation of certain factors, my remuneration would be decided.
Contact me at with 'Content Writer Wanted' being the subject. Clearly mention everything along with your contact details.