Pocket Friendly English and Hindi Tuition

Why are your concepts not clear?

What do you do, when something that hasn't been taught in class is in your syllabus? You hop over to the internet, right? Not every time, the content is on the internet. Or sometimes, the content on the internet is either above or below your understanding.
Ever felt, this way? 
I did it, a lot more times. Whenever, I needed to know about a certain topic, many a times, I found that internet is not just enough. Sometimes, I wished that someone was explaining the concepts to me and it would have been easier.
Online tutoring sites have made it a lot more easier to get tutors who would either call you or use applications like skype. 
The biggest drawback of them is, that they have a high amount. 
Let's take an example, suppose, I wanted to learn LSK (Sanskrit Grammar text), I posted my query on a tutoring site. I received some responses and most of them were charging hefty amounts like 500 INR per hour. LSK is 1500 pages long, so just calculate how much would I have to pay, if I hire him as a tutor for the entire text!! Shocked? Obviously. Everyone who respects money would be.

What's the solution?

The solution is simple.
I can tutor you for English or Hindi, whichever language you want your proficiency in.

What is the fee?

The fee for this service is INR 30/ hour. 
Fee for international clients is $1/ hour.

What do I teach?

I teach both English and Hindi, whichever the student wants proficiency in.

What are the benefits of this service?

  • Hourly Basis of Payments

Many tutors, mostly offline charge on monthly basis. As a result of this, they get fee even for saturdays and sundays. Still, I'm not criticizing them. It's their way if they want to keep their stuff systematic. Through my hourly payment basis, you pay only for those hours in which you studied. There wouldn't be the need of any security, hidden or extra fees.

  • Experienced Tutor

Yes, I'm certified in NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy, so I've a good experience over how communication models work. I also have a deep understanding of psychology. I've taught to over 1000 students on Udemy as well.
I've been to various events, so I'm well versed over usage of language as per different occasions. 
I've been blogging since 2014, which accounts to 6 years of experience. I've worked for various brands which has given me a specialization in branding and about how market in the creative industry works.

  • Any level of Proficiency is Accepted

This training would be quite casual as well as flexible. You're welcome if you-
  • Are willing to learn either English or Hindi from scratch.
  • Know the language basically but want to advance your proficiency.
  • Have a basic knowledge but want to learn it with formal regards.
  • Know the writing section, but want spoken proficiency.
  • Need help in the reading and inference of any particular text. For e.g, you're reading any particular fiction or non- fiction and you want someone to explain it to you. Then you can reach out.
  • Are good with speaking but want some help with the writing section.
  • Are good with speaking or writing but need to polish your grammar.
  • Need any other help. You can let me know.

What would be the medium of the tuition session?

This completely depends upon the student. Counselling can be done via skype like app or through a phone call itself.

How to get this service?

As usual, contact shivsangal@gmail.com with subject 'Telephonic/ Online Tuitions Needed'. Even when I reply, please give me at least a week of time to plan the content for teaching.

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