Heard about our 30-Day Social Media Automation Package?

Facebook + Instagram + Twitter+ Linkedin+ RSS + Youtube Shorts + Pinterest + GMB (Optional)| (Ask for pricing and quotations)

✓ Total Fresh 30 Canva Creatives per month. (including 4 reels)
✓ The reels included would be uploaded as both reels and Youtube Shorts.
✓ Using Automation to schedule posts on social media handles.
✓ New Articles from the website and Youtube videos will automatically be shared on
Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
✓ Manual Pinning on Pinterest.
✓ Posting on Linkedin Pages.
✓ Optional: Linkedin Personal Profile Automation.
✓ Fresh Content on Twitter. 30 Standalone tweets each for 30 days. 1 Thread/week.
✓ Bonus: If you have Google My Business, the content can also be automated to be
posted there. This will boost SEO.
✓ Brand Identity
✓ Hashtag research and usage on all posts.
✓ Catchy taglines, captions, and descriptions.
✓ Manual Engagement, Joining Group Boards (Pinterest), Liking, Commenting, DMing,
Remixing (Reels), Reposting and Retweeting (Twitter).

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If you have some time to read long. 🙂

How are 90% of your employees are unproductive?

Since the last 50 years, the value of degrees has declined massively. The reason is obvious. World is fast changing. Obsoletion is inevitable. Also, mushrooming of colleges has not helped but just worsened the case. We have created an entire generation of graduated idiots.

There are several times, when being a business, you do not have a capacity to pay the employees. You pay from the pockets and sometimes must extinguish your funding or venture capital.

Are your employees considerate of this? Are they doing justice to the job?

They won’t value this kind gesture when they take the job for granted. All they would do is gossiping while having free biscuits with free tea and coffee in your office. Whether they come late or work lazily; they’ll never feel obliged to skip their lunch, tea break or stay till late to do their part.

Even when your company earns profits, it is soaked by your labour.

Are your employees lazy and unproductive even when you pay them well?

Do your employees give lame excuses?

Read along.

Why 90% of Digital Marketers are Scammers?

Digital Marketing has become mainstream since the past 5 years. But it is more about application than the skill itself. If you hire a so-called digital marketer who has a certificate in digital marketing from some random institute or even worse from a 999 digital marketing online course, be assured about what kind of outcomes you will have. Any person who has just entered in the industry considering it an easy money-making scheme would not work hard.

Digital marketing seems like an easy cup of tea to several aspirants.

What are your plans for social media?

Content Creation is only half the game, engagement the rest.

Just surf throughout the market and the applicants you get. Most of the social media managers do only the content creation work and not the engagement work.

The former can serve as tangible evidence, the latter not. Hence, we come across many business accounts on social media which have good content but no audience.

What do you think? Would this bring business? Of course, not.

The work you pay your social media managers for the entire month can be done in just one day. The engagement is what is important which should be done is from where majority of marketers look away.

Case Study: Dr. Genx’s Content Creation (Name Changed)

Dr. Genx is a middle-aged Indian businessman who is fascinated by digital marketing youtubers but knows nothing about the stream. Brainwashed by one such youtuber, he hired two fake content creators. Their resumes were full of fancy jargons which impressed Dr. Genx.

The aged one of them got appointed at a salary of INR.25000 p.m. The younger one was good with INR. 12000 p.m. The salaries totalled INR 37000 p.m.

Both of them knew nothing about content creation. They claimed they will engage better.

Dr. Genx was easily convinced. He signed up a 30 graphics/month package with a designer at INR 2000 p.m. Also, Canva’s subscription costed INR. 1000 p.m.

Monthly expenditure for social media marketing amounted to INR. 40000 p.m.

Those two employees only posted those graphics to Instagram. The account did not see any increment in traffic.

Dr. Genx opened his eyes after two months and fired both. He had made an expenditure of INR.80000 in 2 months. There were no results. He had regrets but could do nothing.

How is hiring more employees a bad decision?

Hiring more employees does not increase productivity.

There are even many unicorn startups which expect to keep their team size no greater than 50 persons. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Let’s bring the economics here. If you hire more people, the salary you pay to each will diminish. This is technically termed as disguised unemployment. Instead, if you only hire skilled people for core activities and outsource the rest, the performance of the company would be different. First things first, cost. Secondly, you’ll have a clear observation of what’s going on. Greater number of employees =/ productivity. Bust this myth right away.

You need not hire people for the work that can be automated with machines and software. People get tired and lazy, machines don’t.

What is the benefit of outsourcing the work to a freelancer or agency?

For many companies, hiring employees is the smooth side. Yet, firing them is not. Many employees ask for notices that can vary from 15 days to beyond.

You also pay your employees for Leaves, Sundays, and Gazetted holidays. Also, the work they do is covered in the base pay. But you end up paying them multiple allowances.

Hence, having many employees is an expensive affair for small companies. There are different legal liabilities for companies with greater than 10 employees.

Why take so much of load?

Instead, if you hire a freelancer or agency, you do not care to pay them allowances. No need to pay for holidays. Fire them shortly if you don’t like their work. Onboarding freelancers for work is better than the hiring process of employees.

It is like a business dealing with another business.

Above all, you only pay for the work you have got. You can pay per project or period.

You get to manage your resources on only what matters.

What I have that no one else has?

This marketing package is the most comprehensive package you have ever come across. As I have already discussed, having an in-house marketing team is both worthless and expensive.

You needn’t worry about digital marketing ever if you work with my strategy. You needn’t worry about vanity metrics either. You can run your business with less budget. You can run your business with less people. Your clients only care about what you deliver.

Many of my clients get the content rewritten because they had hired some content writer on cheap rates and he worked accordingly.

Now, that I am charging $2000 for 8 platforms, this is an offer you do not come across every day. This is a price which will definitely yield ROI multiple times in the long run.

There are many graphic designers who use Canva, but how many of them have been shortlisted in the Canva Challenge? I have.

Case Study: Mrs. CC’s Instagram (Name Changed)

Mrs. CC is my client of client. I manage her Instagram account. I get paid INR. 7000 to create graphics and post them on Instagram.

The account’s traffic lifts. Yet, she only wants to stay on Instagram.

Following this reach, I suggest this lady to pursue my social media marketing package worth INR. 20000. She doesn’t want to spend this much money.

What this lady doesn’t realize is that the content remains the same. But if she increases her social media marketing budget only 3X, she’ll have her presence on 8 different handles, which can bring her more business.