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Shiv Sangal

Hi! I’m Shiv Sangal. As a content writer, I have had immense expertise by working with clients across different industries . My approach has got my clients results without losing a fortune. I am able to develop a foresight with respect to the client’s perspective.

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Here’s What I Do

My content writing for the web service involves articles, blog posts, and web pages.

  • 100% Authentic Content
  • Grammatically and Syntactically Correct
  • Keyword Research included
  • Yoast’s SEO and Readability compliant.
  • Elements included focus keyphrase, permalink, alt text, meta description, and title provided along.

Heard About Our 30 Day Automated Social Media Package?

Hard Work
Smart Work ✓

Creating content and managing multiple social media handles is time taking.

Our approach will save you time, money, and labour.

We create and batch schedule the content of 30 days in one day using automation. We utilize the surplus time to engage better.

Facebook + Instagram + Twitter+ Linkedin+ RSS + Youtube Shorts + Pinterest + GMB

Happy Clients!

Philanthropic Involvement

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