How can MOOCs help you save your time and energy?

How to reduce your college burden?A lot of us wish that if the load on us due to our college curriculum was a bit lighter. But, there is a solution, which most of the students rarely know. Today, I've come up with all the information, you would need to know of this strategy.What are MOOCs?MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. These are certain courses, might be credit or non credit, by recognized institutions over any subject, listed on any portal known for such courses. What are Credits?Before, I answer to your question, I insist that you check your report card of any semester. If you're new or haven't even started to college, I suggest you to surf your college website for the curriculum of your course. After all the subjects, credits are written, right? What do they mean? Look! Wait. Let me explain. Every course is composed of credits, which simply mean the points you've to earn in your course duration. They're then distributed among all of your semesters. How c…

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