What Made You Wait From Changing Your Life?

Shiv Sangal

Shiv Sangal, a self made entrepreneur, is an NLP, Hypnotherapy and CBT certified holistic and minimalist personal development, off-the-beat lifestyle and travel blogger. Apart from this, he has also started writing about education, mental health and student rights. He has worked with various renowned brands which has given him immense expertise in branding and how the market works in the creative industry. He’s been blogging since six years. He runs various counselling sessions and also offers content writing and graphic designing services. He also runs a personal branding course on Udemy. 

How May I Help You?

Following are the services for which a client may reach out. 


Get your personalized NLP and CBT counselling.

Content Writing

Get content for your business with no plagiarism.

Graphic Designing

Get high quality graphics for your business.


Get your brand promoted in the new way.

Web Designing

Get your own website. Starting from INR 500.

Public Speaking

Invite Shiv Sangal to your campus and events.

Work With Me

Whether you want to establish your brand, get your skills updated, motivate yourself with good content, get content and graphics created for your business or just a counselling session to keep your spirits high ; we’ve got you covered.

Happy Clients

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