Some Unknown Facts Youngsters Feel Shy But Want To Tell You About Toilets…

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The Topic about which I’m going to discuss with you is not modest. I’ve from the past week gathered enough courage to share this matter with you. What you’re going to come up with this post, you’ll not find it in any other blog.

We don’t like talking about Toilets but they’re really important for Personal Hygiene.

Why is talking about toilets important?

There are various reasons for the fact that toilets are really important. Not only construction of toilets is important but also their maintenance is important.
It was my Economics exam last month. While writing on the answer sheet, I felt there was feeling of churning pressure in my gut. Moments later, I realized that I needed to go to the washroom which I knew was Indian. At home I use Western, but I had to go. So now I want to share what should be the ideal maintenance of toilets be like.
The reasons toilets are important are-

  • Necessary For The Reputation Of Personality.

Many People think that they’ve properly cleaned and furnished their drawing and living rooms and that’s it. No, man. Do you know? If you want to know about the personality of your host, use their bathroom. If a person is kind, you’ll find the bathroom clean.

  • Necessary for Personal Hygiene

If you sit at a place was egestion which is not, It can be harmful for your health.

What Is The Real Plight?

Toilets in India are of two types- Indian and Western

The Indian Toilets

Indian Toilets are just like small basins on the floor which enable a person to excrete by sitting in a squat position. They’re generally installed by poor or primitive people or at public places to incur less expenses. They generally require less maintenance.

Problem With The Indian Toilets

  • People who have joint pains or other diseases find it difficult to use.
  • These sort of toilets are not cleaned.
  • Many people don’t install flushing system, so these kind of toilets usually keep stinking.
  • In many public toilets, tissue papers are not provided.
  • Your clothes usually get wet as you remove them on floor which creates a messy appearance afterwards.
  • Many children have the habit of using jets at homes so using toilets of this sort is quite asphyxiating.

Solution For The Indian Toilets

  • In Every Indian Toilet, Flushing System should be installed. Else they should be washed and cleaned properly.
  • Tissue paper and Water should be supplied in ample amounts.
  • Spitting shouldn’t be allowed in the toilets.
  • On the washroom doors should be hooks, where you can hang your clothes.
  • Pest control should be carried out on regular Intervals as mosquitoes and bees usually bud in these areas.

The Western Toilets

Western Toilets are chair like structures with a cavity in between for excretion. 

Problem With The Western Toilets

  • Many Western toilets at public places don’t have jets.
  • Moreover, provision of tissue papers is not made.
  • Even if some have jets, they’re leaking.

Solution For The Western Toilets

  • It should be ensured that every toilet has jet.
  • Additional provision of tissue papers should be made.
  • leakages should be corrected.
  • They should be regularly cleaned.

So, I think, my work is done. Now you should comment what you feel about public toilets in the comments section. Take Care.

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