Muzaffarnagar Photowalk During Diwali

The biggest festival of North India ‘Diwali’ is over now. This is the festival, for which even people of other countries visit to document.
So I’m showing you some pictures which I clicked this diwali.

Diwali at our home was really beautiful.

Clicks Of Flowers.

Lotus, flowers,diwali

flowers,muzaffarnagr, shiv sangal, diwali

Diwali is a season for every businessman; of every category. This can be understood from the crowd of the markets as well as from the stock that the shopkeepers have. Moreover even small hawkers and shopkeepers dress so beautiful.
For Puja purpose mom asked me to bring some flowers as well as betel leaves (paan patta). The florist woman told me that it costed twenty rupees. By mistake I handed her fifty, she returned me back honestly.
The Paan walah told me that betel leaves are manufactured in just one city of India,i.e, Maharajpur of Madhya Pradesh. It is even exported to Pakistan.
Returning home I searched about the town on internet filled with utter curiosity.

Craic Of Diwali

Anaar Bomb in Neighbourhood.

Posing with the lights in neighbourhood. (badi diwali)

Posing with diya on chhoti diwali.

Lights in Muzaffarnagar

Making Rangoli

I used the glass painting I made as rangoli. I’ve named it ‘Aura’.


What I Like The Most About Diwali?

During Diwali, people exchange gifts by going from home to home. Noone these days has time to visit each other. But during these days, lovely exchange of ideas takes place. When we look at different types of gifts we stay updated with latest trends.

How did you celebrate your diwali? Share with me.

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