I Tried Earthing For 3 Days And The Results Were Amazing

Today’s scenario is full of people who are unhappy but seem to be happy on social media. I’d already seen them in my hometown Muzaffarnagar, but found the condition more grave when I was in Delhi. I don’t target to any person or group in particular but all I felt was that people in metro cities are more limited to themselves. Their hostility can’t be described as introspection or solitude but it should be described as ambiguity. Most of the people had expressionless faces. Whenever I traveled in metro, it was quiet. There used to be no hustle-bustle. No one used to talk to each other. It felt like their soul was lost in deep latency.
Within a few days in Delhi, I felt like if the same condition persisted, I would lose the connection with nature soon. As a small town boy, I’m habitual of space, air and sunlight. I was fortunate enough to find an average apartment, which though was not as comfortable as my home itself but was at least way superior to eight other accommodations we checked on.
Though in this regard, Delhi Government is quite responsible. I lived in Sheikh Sarai and there in every colony there was a park. As I’m habitual of going to the Temple, fortunately, there was one as well. But the park was unmaintained.
My Landlord suggested me to visit the Model Park in Pushp Vihar. He expected me to find what I wanted. I am habitual of going for a morning walk so I thought to check it once.
Pushp Vihar is quite near to Sheikh Sarai. As soon as I entered the park, I found it really wonderful. Though, I wondered that it might be smaller than the company garden of our city still it was beautiful on its own. It had a path paved for walkers. That path ringed the park which was a big land with well maintained grass.
Many people had brought Yoga Mats with them. Some were simply doing some light exercises.
The environment I found there was completely contradictory to what I saw in entire Delhi.
People were talking with each other. They were cracking light hearted humor over each other. Most of the people were happy. There I got my answer. When people are close to nature and their minds are unclenched from the stress; they’re the happiest and can express themselves well.
I would also like to show my gratitude to Delhi government that it’s really working towards installing more manual outdoor gymnasium machines. They can be found in almost any public property all across Delhi. So those types of machines were in our college and in that park as well.
Now you might be wondering that I was about to tell you something about Earthing, you might think that I’ve distracted myself from the topic. Well, this is not the deal. What I’ve told you till now is just the introduction.


If you google the word ‘Earthing‘, you’ll find that it means ‘connecting to the ground‘. Well it has meaning beyond this. I’ve done my own research and I would suggest you to do your own research as well.
I perform Yoga everyday and am taking baby steps each new day to make my life more inclined to yoga through eco-friendly practices and holistic well being.
Both our hands and feet have many acupressure points on them. But who would bother to press each one of them. You can clap your hands to make use of your hands’ acupressure points but for making use of your feet’s acupressure points, it is better to walk bare footed on ground.
Mother Earth has many free electrons on her surface which may enter in your body through direct skin contact. Don’t worry that your legs will accumulate dirt. Wear light and old clothes.
Walking barefooted on green grass is good for eyesight as well.

My Experience With Earthing

Earthing has literally worked for me. It starts to show results right from the first day. I visited the Model Park of Pushp Vihar just for three days and I practiced earthing on all the three days. 
There’s a difference between walking barefooted and walking with footwear. At least I feel it every time. After I come home the very first thing I undress with is my footwear. Though footwear provide you comfort in walking and can protect you from obstructions in the path but they can be tiresome to wear at some point of time.
Usually, when I wear my footwear for too long my feet are too tired and it seems as if they’re emitting heat. The solution is that you can dip your feet in cold water,but it was quite tedious for me to be carried on everyday. 
Finally Earthing comes in the picture. I’m telling you with my personal experience. Whenever you walk on green grass in the presence of fresh air and sunlight you feel fresh, positive and energetic the entire day. Moreover the other happy people you see around act as catalysers in the process.
These days, many people sell fruit juices and flavored milk in parks, you can also try them out.
What are you waiting for? Try Earthing right now.

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