14 Tips To Find The Right Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation is hectic, when you’re settling away from your home either for education or work. Many people just compromise. Sometimes, parents just get their children admitted somewhere without giving a second thought. However, choosing an accommodation is a big decision. The place where you live should provide you relaxation. If you’re not relaxed at where you live, your productivity would suffer.
Since, I’ve had the experience of living away from home since one year, that too at two different places; I would like to share with you some tips which would help you in choosing the right accommodation.

1. What kind of an accommodation should it be?

You’ve to find an answer to this question. Many colleges offer their own hostels. You can go for them. But most of them, charge fees annually on a non-refundable basis.  If, I must tell you about my case, our hostel staff is really concerned and the mess staff is also jolly kind.
If living in college hostels works out for you. You should go for it. I’ve seen various students who really love their hostels.
Many of my day scholar friends say that they also wish they had a hostel life. I usually say, you’re lucky.
It’s all upon you, if you want to live comfortably, live independently. If you’re ready to adjust among some disturbances and allow others to have a say in your lives; living in college hostels is not a bad option.
If you’re working, look, if your employer is providing any accommodation or HRA.

2. Decide if you need a broker

It is completely up to your convenience. It is not absolutely necessary, that you would need a broker to find your accommodation. You can find plenty of them on the internet.
Look, here you’ve to make a choice between comfort and money. If you want comfort, you can hire a broker to find the right accommodation for you, but you would have to pay him his commission along with your accommodation’s rent. Usually, they ask for the lump sum amount equivalent to your one month rent.

3. Don’t just rely on one broker

If you rely on one broker, then you’re limited as he would just show you those accommodation he would have collaborated with to list them on his catalogue. So, instead, consult two or three broker at least.

4. Space

Your flat should be spacious. If you live in small spaces, it might leave you stressed or frustrated. I’ve seen this. Being from a small city, I’m habitual of space. Seeing small spaces doesn’t suit my mood.

5. Light

Your flat should receive ample of sunlight. That would keep you in good health. Moreover, the natural light would eliminate dampness and its resultant odor.

6. Food

Checkout, in which manner would you subscribe to your meals. Is there any mess nearby? Do they provide food themselves? Or is there any tiffin service nearby? Make sure about it before you take your flat on lease.

7. Drinking Water

In various cities, the drinking water is getting polluted these days. In various other cities, the presence of some minerals might also not suit your immunity. While looking for an accommodation, you must also look for it, so that you take a water purifier with you.

8. Do you need a roommate?

It is just up to you. If you can tolerate having a roommate, that’s good. If not, don’t even think, that you must adjust. Having a roommate can be a pro or a con for you depending upon him only. You can’t predict it earlier. But, you know yourself. So, you’d have to make it clear if a shared accommodation is compatible for you. Don’t listen to anyone else in this regard.

9. Rent

When you listen to the rent or fees of your accommodation, just get to know what services are included in it. Compare the rent with the prevailing rent of the area. Make sure, the lessor is not over charging. Also get to know about the security they’re charging.
Don’t give your entire rent for a year in a lump sum amount. If you wish to change, you’d be stuck for a year.

10. Electricity

Ask them the manner in which electricity bill is paid. In some places, a separate meter is hung at the lessee’s. While in some places, a single electricity bill amount is divided to be paid.

11. Ventilation

Do you need an AC room? I suggest you, don’t. Your landlord acquires massive profit by installing AC in your room. You don’t use an AC in winters, do you? But you still pay a rent for an AC in that season.
Instead, what I suggest you is, have a room without an AC, that is also properly ventilated. Get a portable table fan or cooler with you. It will work very well in Summers and you won’t need it in winters. Moreover, you’ll only have to pay for your electricity, not for an AC specifically.

12. Agreement

Read the rent agreement carefully and correctly.

13. Internet and Telecom

Check, if the internet and telecom signals are strong enough. If not, you might think of changing your sim card.

14. Locality

Is the locality safe enough? Are the people around you civilized enough? Make sure, the locality you’re going to live in has an answer to these questions. If, the locality has a park, then it’s a plus point for you.

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