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6 Steps To Avoid Scams As An Influencer?

What scams am I talking about?

Influencer marketing is a glamorous as well as a creative industry. More people are entering into the field, which is indeed making it even more competitive. In order to have an edge, more people are into hook or crook ideology. Many black hat methodologies have evolved which have indeed polluted the industry.

However, I believe in Karma and I know such activities are soon caught. Just because, a few people have been interrogated regarding fake followers and engagement, it is stupid to believe that influencer marketing industry is going to die. If we keep ourselves motivated, we would be able to overcome every obstacle.

So, in this article, I’m going to share with you how to avoid scams.

Fake Accounts of Brands

There are various accounts which would reach out to people under a fake identity.

Two years back, when I was a school student, I used to see a lot of such accounts and many times a fell prey (not gravely though).

Such accounts usually take the name of some big brand and ask you to share the flyers of their account in your story, like, comment and tag your friends and so on. The list is endless. What they promise as deliverable is, an opportunity to work with them as an influencer.

How to Identify Them?

1. Professionals ask to email

No professional brand would ever ask you to share in story etc. in exchange of giving you the opportunity to work with it as an influencer. If they’re professional, they would ask you to email them.

2. PR agency

If you want to work with them and the option to email is not available, you must either hire a PR agency or an individual agent to reach out to them. In case, this option is also not feasible for you, then what you can do is to reach out to the PR agency, the brand has hired.

3. Does the brand follow them?

If you want to check whether the supposed account is real or fake, just check whether the brand they’re supposedly representing is following them. Also check if they’re following that brand. Just check, if the official page of the brand is endorsing the supposed page in any way.

4. Getting a deal is not a favour

Such sort of accounts show that it is such a big opportunity for you to work with that brand. But come on, guys! Be confident. This profession is not a contest. Have some dignity for yourself.

5. Don't work for FREE

Yes, you should charge for your content. Your services are not FREE. Working on the basis of products can please you in the short run, but if you look for it in the longer run, it would let the brands take you for granted.

6. No discount code either

Many brands are even worse, they ask you to buy their product at a discount code. Isn’t it strange that you’re paying your client just for being the influencer of that brand?


If you’re being exploited, it’s your own accountability to find the answer that why you were exploited. You need to be bold and confident enough to prevent from being exploited.

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