Consumer Ethics

3 Consumer Ethics Which Should Definitely Be Promoted!

What I’m going to write today is just casual. Also, what I believe regarding the discipline, I don’t think that can be made enforceable by means of any law. But I sincerely feel that the customers must keep it in mind to take care of the vendors’ sentiments. All of us have heard of consumer rights, but consumer ethics?

Instance 1: How a junior behaved with me?

Recently, my startup ‘Bizno’ has started its own PR and HR campaigns. Over there, we’re providing free service up to 31st December 2020 for PR and HR related services so as to market small businesses and job aspirants respectively in an innovative way.

A girl from our college itself reached out to me and asked about different PR and HR campaigns. I explained her completely. She further asked me questions which were then followed by stupid questions such as ‘Will we get paid for it?’, ‘ What is its use in our life?’. After I satisfied her queries, she left by saying, “okay, I’ll think and let you know about it, if interested.”

The rejection doesn’t matter, but wasting one’s time does. So today, I wanted to discuss with my audience some things which all buyers should keep in mind while pitching to a seller.

Instance 2: What happens at exhibitions?

Even though small sellers of small towns are still very lenient about this and many customers are not very aware of their ethics, yet big brands are now acting very smart regarding this thing.

Let’s assume there’s an expo of big brands related to food industry, so the target audience of the representatives are people related to food industry, who would be their prospective clients.

In the same expo, let’s suppose, as usually happens in India, students of schools and colleges come as a part of their educational tours. Those students are just their for-learning purpose and sheer fascination. But hardly a per cent of those students are entrepreneurs, let alone their chances of being their prospective clients.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that the exhibitors won’t take much interest in explaining about the exhibits to the students since they’re not the potential customers. I know, it might sound rude at instances, but it is still the deal with the crowd.

1.     Seller’s time is important

Whenever you’re visiting a seller or his shop, keep in mind that he is busy and every single of his minute is important. So, if you just want to window shop, perhaps you should not bother anyone out there, because the time that the seller would invest in convincing you about something (which you’re not going to buy) he would explain about it to someone who is actually going to buy it.

2.     Have some consideration in mind

Don’t just walk straight away. If you don’t want to buy something, don’t just touch it unnecessarily. Don’t ask unnecessarily about it. Keeping yourself updated with the trends might be an excuse for you, then indeed you should let the salesperson know that you’ve no intention of buying and you’re just willing to keep yourself updated.

3.     Respect the seller’s sentiments

Whenever a customer ascends onto the shop, it sparks a sort of excitement in the seller’s mind to sell it. If you leave without buying anything, it really disheartens the seller. It’s not compulsory to buy anything if you don’t like it. But don’t just pass your time in the market.

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