9 Ways To Be A Good Guest At Parties

Just scroll through the instagram feed and you’ll come across thousands of reels where they’ll teach you etiquette about what to wear and how to sit and walk; but hardly anyone teaches you how to behave well at the very basic. This is where I come in the picture.

If you’re not behaving well, no matter how well dress, sit or walk, no one cares. If anyone dislikes you because of your misbehavior or malignant intentions, the disliking would remain the same.

The behavior and etiquette for a party that I’m discussing today is the most basic. If you follow this, following the fancy air hostess or model type etiquette would just be optional for you.

Before the party

1. Thank the host for inviting.

As soon as you receive the invite to a party. Thank the host or whoever is delivering the invitation for inviting you. Show the gratitude.

2. Communicate your plan.

Whether you’ll be able to come in the party or not, let this be known to the host. It would clear the grudges amidst both of you. Further, this courteous behavior facilitates easier planning of the catering for the host.

At The Party

3. Bless the host

Know the purpose for which you’re being invited. Don’t just go there to eat. Suppose your friend is throwing a birthday bash of his son, you should give your blessings to his son to live a long life. When you’re invited to a wedding, you’re supposed to give your best wishes to the couple for a happy married life. Use some common sense and don’t act stupid at all.

4. Indulge in some formality

Shamelessness is not excused. At the time of departure, if you’re being given a gift or some cash in an envelope, you should indulge in some formality saying that you don’t want it, you don’t deserve it, you don’t need it or they shouldn’t give it to you; even if you accept it later on their insistence.

5. Socialize

When you socialize, it sends a signal to the host that you’re enjoying the party. Hence, interact with different people.

6. Eat Less

The food might be free but the stomach and health are yours. Eating too much might show that you get very less to eat at home, which is definitely not a good impression. Don’t show it either that you were starving before this.

7. Don't Waste Food

This is so simple, I don’t understand that why don’t the people get it. Don’t take it if you want to throw it away. If you’re unsure of the taste, take small quantity first. You’re not just disdaining millions of people who go to bed hungry every night, but also the host who might have arranged the money from his savings of decades or other sources.

8. Plan your meal

You can get the idea of the arrangement of the host from the contractor’s boards, packaging material, graphics and logos. You can similarly guess the package your host opted for.

In India, catering in events is arranged in basically two ways: contract and independent catering.

In a contract catering, you either fetch the caterer the material and they cook or they bring the material themselves. Following this, they charge for all the output they gave you. After the event is over, you can take the leftover with you.

In an independent catering, the caterer brings the material with him and charges on the basis of the number of plates picked by the guests in the party. They tell you a flat rate of INR XYZ per plate and then multiply it with the number of plates picked by the guests. 

After the party, they take the leftover with them.

In a party, try using only one plate, don’t throw and pick a new one again and again. In a party, I saw my cousin in her late teenage  doing it and found it extremely disgusting. I cautioned her later about it.

By wasting plates, you’re unintentionally increasing the expenditure of the host.

Plan your meal. You can first go to the snacks. Then go to the desserts. Finally, go to the main course. Many a times, you wouldn’t even wish for the main course, your tummy would be so full.

9. Praise

While leaving, tell the host about the things you liked. It can be anything, like the decoration you liked, packaging of gifts, you found your old friend, a good socializing experience, the food was good etc. This would impress the host.

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