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Cheap Writer Vs Experienced Writer: Which One To Hire?

Cheap writer vs Experienced Writer. So many requests and DMs have been popping up for me to reduce my rates. Further, many wannabe content writers are entering this industry taking it for granted. I finally decided to share my two cents.

How I Saved My Client from making a wrong choice?

My client had been making a wrong choice before I approached him.

The reason is simple. The content writer he had hired previously was charging less.

Before proceeding with my work, I started with an audit of his existing content. What I came across was shocking.

The content was poorly written. Content was stuffed to meet the target word limit. The writer had fitted keywords without making them make sense.

I knew at that point only that the writer was not actually a writer but had entered the industry thinking it is a way of making easy money.

I never even count such people as my competitors. They enter the industry after the initial romance. They leave early itself.

After I wrote content for my client, his traffic multiplied and rank enhanced.

All my clients get quality advice for free along with the content.

I plan of starting a consultation service, but based on the experiences that I have had, I do not count their worth. Thus.

How keeping money as the only priority can make a fool out of you?

Money is important. Money is power.

Yet, money comes with value. If you do not have any value addition to offer, admit that money is a distant dream for you.

Let me give you two examples.

Example #1

I approached a person on Linkedin who claimed to be a dropshipping expert. I asked him to establish my inventory and suppliers’ system more intact.

He recommended me to start Google Ads without even considering my problem. The reason? He had only Google Ads to offer. Dropshipping was just a keyword for him.

Example #2

I approached a friend of friend who claimed to be an ads expert.

My end goal was to establish my mother’s channel and blog as a source of expertise on domestic sciences and motherhood. I also invested some time to make a brief.

He didn’t consider my requirements and suggested me ads worth INR 8k per month. He guaranteed only views which are worth not more than trash for me, if they do not fetch me money and fulfil my goals.

I guess, you get my point.

What is the difference between hiring a cheap Writer versus hiring an elevated and experienced Writer?

Risk of Ghosting

Because the project is not of much worth to the professional, he might leave it at any point of time if he is not feeling like it.

A person charging less is either less confident or is taking it granted and just trying his hands on.

You cannot take such a person seriousy.

Poor Quality Content

Expect grammatical errors, plagiarism, and stuffing of keywords from a cheap content writer. Professionalism is expensive.

That your content will vibe is unrealistic with a cheap content writer. You hire a content writer to ease your work, not to increase your troubles.

What good is your content if it is incoherent, powerless and has no flow?

No regards to market and audience

A cheap content writer has no sense about what works and what doesn’t. He just wants to complete it and get paid. That’s it.

If stuffing keywords was the only thing required for SEO, then every website would have been on the top.

In fact, perfect synchronization is required to make things work.

A good content writer has a keen understanding of the market as well as the audience. He is in some position to forecast the results.

No Process, Reporting or Feedback

Writing for a client and writing for a college assignment are not the same thing.

A cheap content writer doesn’t segregate his tasks into the stages of process, reporting and feedback.

We have various compositions to write in the school, but we do not have to pitch a product along. We must please the teacher and cover the given points.

The real world doesn’t work this way.

A cheap content writer enters the industry motivated by the good or excellent written by the teacher on his copy with a red pen.

A good content writer has practice.

A good content writer has precisely worked on his craft in the background. He has experimented with everything. He does the background research as a part of his process, reports the outcomes, and comes with the feedback of the performance of his content.

How I am better?

There are people who charge less. I have clients who pay me more.

I charge more than 90 per cent of the content writers of India. The only difference is that I can guarantee you the results. I have the experience with which I do so.

Content writers who charge less are unconfident and temporary. I am not a bubble. I am here to stay.

All the content I write has three stages: process, report, and feedback. It is SEO and readability optimized. English is perfect. What else do you need? I’m all ears.

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