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Inaugural Invitation Card: Ad and Map in One

Inaugural Invitation card was the need of the hour. It was meant to be sent to the invitees via Whatsapp.

I have my share in Sidhbali Ayush Pvt. Ltd. and am the director of the same along with my family and relatives. We inaugurated our new factory on 23rd October 2023. It was the festival of Navami, a day before Vijayadashami.

Based on my talk with partners, we had around 150 guests. Of these, around 100 were our personnel and other internal and external stakeholders we come across on regular basis. Remaining 50 were our friends and relatives to whom this invitation was actually sent.

Previously, all the invitation cards you must have seen had only the details. This one, that you’re going to come across is different. Here I used several strategies that not just guided the invitees to the location but also helped them understand our products.

Structure Of The Inaugural Invitation Card

This invitation was three-paged. I designed it using Canva.

We sent this invitation card in a PDF format. Had we sent in a picture like format, chances are that due to the variation in network connectivity, pictures often end up jumbling up. While, rather than a carousel, the view on the whatsapp chat also looks quite juxtaposed.

People who are not able to design invitation cards send directly written whatsapp messages. We have done it many a times previously. However, with an artistically designed card, we can cater to more touchpoints.

First Page

The first page bore the actual details of the invitation.

Second Page

On the second page, I added a satellite image of our factory location. Along with this, I also added the clickable link and the map coordinates. This facilitated our invitees to navigate to the location.

We were already busy with the arrangements. Receiving calls for directions could have proved to be hectic for us. Thus, adding a map on the second page proved to be a wise decision.

Third Page

There were less questions from the guests about what was the purpose of the factory. Guess why.

On the third page, we featured our projects. We launched Ayurmed Effervescent Tablets as a pilot project. After some serious experimentation, we are soon launching under a redefined brand ‘Has It’. Plus, when we have our own website, most of the guests had an idea beforehand.

I don’t say we don’t want people to ask us questions. But telling the same thing repeatedly can be very tiring. Hence, we ensured everyone had some basic idea about our concept.

When 50 invitees received the invitation, we had a touchpoint of getting our brand message across 50 persons. We utilised this golden opportunity to advertise.

Rest, we also demonstrated our effervescent tablets at the party. It is more about educating the audience than pushing them.

You can also try our effervescent tablets by visiting .  

Challenges with an Inaugural Invitation Card

There are some challenges in this mode of communication. One is that, just forwarding the invitation is not enough. Guests prefer being called along. A phone call is self-sufficient. Yet, sending them an invitation card along helps them remember the details such as date, time, and venue. No one writes the details in planner, these days.

Guests are the most obliged when you personally visit them at their homes or offices. They would not skip such an invitation.

However, just sending via whatsapp and calling along can be a time saviour.

Another challenge is that people are not that tech savvy. As I’ve already mentioned that the location was on the second page of the PDF, many invitees didn’t bother to go past the first page. They only were then asking us the location. It’s completely okay. Things take time to change.

Where To Get From Here

If you also want to get your invitation cards designed, you can book a meeting with me via the meeting box given on my homepage. I have many designers in my network. After discussing with you on your requirements, we can begin on the project.

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