Cheating by Swaroop Gaikwad and Chaitanya Malawe, Webmatix

I got scammed out of my 6000 rupees by Chaitanya Malawe of Webmatix Technology, Nashik.
Let me tell you the whole story.
I have a graphic designer from Nashik itself. His name is Swaroop Gaikwad. He did good designing for me when he started. I asked him to get me a website designer who can integrate FIGMA’s UI-UX Prototypes with our WordPress website.

I myself can make wordpress websites, but I needed to incorporate new age UI-UX technology with my website so that it soars high.

Cheating by Chaitanya Malawe

Swaroop randomly found one across the internet.
The person’s name is Chaitanya Malawe. He showed Webmatix Technology in Nashik as a proof of his business.
I shared all of my expectations and branding documents in the form of a brief.

Timeline of Scam

We had a telegram group where three of us were in touch.
I transferred 8000 rupees. 6000 for Chaitanya and 2000 for Swaroop Gaikwad’s margin.
I had transferred this amount on 29th January 2024.
Chaitanya shared a figma link on 6th February.
And it was a copy paste template.
I had already told before that I wanted a fresh design.

He pleaded repeatedly that I should give him a chance.
Upon his request, I gave him one more chance because I had already given an advance.
On 22nd of February, he copy pasted another template.
When I objected, he shared another link.
It was on 24th of February that I realized that it was an exact copy-paste template of Pharmeasy website.
Meanwhile, he kept requesting me to give him a chance.

I even got ready to compromise on those templates out of helplessness.
On March 16th, I suggested him the changes in the templates.
But he did none of them.
I started pushing for refund in April and he kept postponing to my request.

The last time I, Swaroop and he were on a phone call, he denied it right on my face. He was very rude throughout the call.
He directly said, ‘Nahi deta main refund, jo karte ho karlo. Kya proof hai ki main aapke saath kaam kar raha tha.’
The problem is that I work very hard to earn money. 6000 rupees matter for me. And even I become a mute spectator to this, I cannot encourage this cycle of scams.
Some people put their life savings to start their business.
I had so many hopes and ideas about this business. Not just he cheated me on money, he also wasted my time.
He did not do anything at all. I’ll have to start all anew.
He also ruined his own prospects of earning more money. Had he worked well, I’d have given him more of my websites to fix. UI-UX is the technology of the 20s.
So many friends, relatives and clients approach me for website. I usually have to decline owing to being busy. Had he not scammed me, I’d have delegated all such projects to him.
In our country, we have so many people who are skilled and talented but do not find the right work.
But scamsters like him get the work, still steal their clients’ money.
6000 is an amount that matters for me. But for this amount, neither I can go to Nashik to cease him by the collar nor I can sue him.
What do you think is a remedy for this?

Cheating by Swaroop Gaikwad

Swaroop Gaikwad has also cheated on me after that. I had given him a 2000 rupees margin so that he can take responsibility. He assured me that his friend lives near Chaitanya’s office. He further assured that he would visit him in person to recover my money.
He had acted innocent then to escape his accountability.
I had insisted that he can refund me 1500 after deducting 500 rupees. That was an act of generosity.
He said that he was not in a position to refund, he would instead give services of the whole amount.
But later on, he said that he will give services of 1500 only. Also, he increased his rates to give me the least service possible.
Also, for my partner firm, I had asked him to make 4 banners. He was extremely negligent for 1.5 months. That he had delayed this much, this made us unsure of his competence.
He talked very disrespectfully every time I tried to get in communication with him.
It is very disgusting to see that someone comes to you pleading for work and once you give him chance, he starts to take advantage of you.
We need to stop this cycle of scams.
Help me recover my money guys.

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