4 Things You’ll Regret You Didn’t Try In Ooty

Don’t get me wrong, but tell me the reason you visit hill stations. Visiting the hill stations is not just for staying in hotel which you can do almost anywhere in the world, neither you go to buy the commodities of the same brand which would otherwise be available in your hometown too.
The biggest thing I consider while travelling, not to be stuck in materialism. So is the circumstance in Ooty, a small town of the district Nilgiri in Tamil Nadu of India.
This Hill station was found in 19th century by the Britishers to conquer the scorching heat. Thus moving in the country side was the best option for them. Hence, the most remarkable of all the architecture comprises the buildings by Britishers.

1. Ooty Lake

Our excursion in Ooty was two-dayed. We started with the Lake, It’s beauty is really mind blowing. The waves in water shone with the partly setting sun. We could see the green hills in the image formed on water on which the migratory ducks were also paddling. Clouds of different shapes gathered.

boat point, ooty lake, ooty; shiv sangal
Ooty Lake

Usually I feel sick when I try motor boat because of gazing the same waves rolling again and again. The beauty which appears initially soon disappears as soon as we shift from the boundary.
But this wasn’t the case with Ooty Lake, as there was much more to see. Even air was bothering us just to show it’s presence. Travelling with family is really an enlightening process.

shiv sangal, ooty,lake
Family time at Ooty Lake.

2. Botanical Garden

After a short time, we visited the Botanical Garden. It’s near the Tibetan market, which has a huge variety to offer, exotic fruits, nuts and some handicrafts. The Botanical Garden too was very beautiful. It had a number of flowers booming(actually smiling).  From the clouds, the sun shined lightly to give enough warmth. We were able to walk indefatigably .
botanical garden, ooty, british architecture,shiv sangal
Two beautiful huts in front of each other.
Moreover, we visited a beautiful green house which preserved a large species of ferns.

3. The Train Ride

This was the most joyous experience, I ever had. Had I omitted to visit any of the tourist attractions, It would have been okay. But, had I missed the Ooty to Coonoor train ride, I would have regretted the whole life. Just having an opportunity to sit inside idly is a virtue.

This train is also known as toy train because of it’s small size. To get the ticket you must seek the Udhagammandalm (official name of Ooty) Railway Station. Then you can reach on time for getting the comfort of the chair car.
I bet that you won’t feel the same enthusiasm if you travel in car. Throughout the Journey, you come to see marvelous scenes which won’t let you doze off. I’d like to recommend that you wear full sleeves or carry some warm clothes as the wind blows very cool. It will take you in 45 minutes.

Ooty;coonoor;landscape;tamil nadu;south;india
A landscape visible from the train of Ooty to Coonoor.

You can meanwhile notice in the way that all the railway stations coming in the way are all blue.

coonoor;railway station;shiv sangal;travel;blogger
The blue Painted Landscape of Coonoor Railway Station.

4. Coonoor

Just like Ooty, Coonoor is another town of the district Nilgiri. Here you can take the pleasure of visiting Tea Gardens and getting your pictures clicked. We also visited Chocolate, Oils and Tea factory. A special kind of tea ‘Chocolate tea’ is popular here.
All the pictures used in this article (including the one in header picture) are clicked by me only using DSLR Nikon D3200. You can buy it for yourself from here.

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Summing Up
Finally it’s time to summarize of what we’ve discussed so far. Ooty and Coonoor are two hill stations which are very close. Using Train is the best option. Moreover it’s better if you try to stay close to nature and away from materialism as more as possible while travelling.
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