What Happened After I Walked From School to Home?

The Monday which has just passed was the day of my english exam. After the school was over, I waited outside the school gate as I thought that someone from home might be coming to pick me.
School was over at 2:20 pm, it turned to 2:30 with me waiting. I reached back to the school reception where I asked to phone home. Mom picked it up and told me to come home by e-rickshaw. Actually the reason was that dad was not at home, he’d gone to the factory; so the car was unavailable. The previous week the school used to get over at 3pm as a film festival was going on. That’s why mom forgot to send someone.
Well I agreed. I moved back out of the school. Firstly I waited outside the school gate itself. Most of the rickshaws outside the school gate are pre-subscribed. Moreover the crowd was emptying and the building secluded. I moved forward. There are a few stops where I could get some rickshaws. Unfortunately in some drivers were absent. In some, drivers denied that they won’t go to the locality where I live. It’s nevertheless, not their fault as it takes a lot of battery scaling the railway bridge. I took a twenty rupee note from my wallet and kept it in the front pocket of my trousers so that it would have been convenient for me to pay.
I found a number of rickshaws in the way, but in them , already two or three people were merrily seated. My mom says that if we sit in these rickshaws, we’re likely to deteriorate their privacy; moreover it’s also unsafe for children(or teens) like me. So I didn’t opt for them and continued walking.
The street of my school vectioned. I walked through Shiv Chowk, then SD Market. It’s okay. As soon as I entered town hall road I saw a vacant E-Rickshaw. I rushed towards it, but was taken aback as I felt that the point where I was standing is at the same distance as is from my home. I decided to walk the remaining on the foot. I kept walking. Then I arrived on the Gandhi Colony Bridge. I kept walking in that deserted place. Wait! Don’t consider me a pitiable creature. The distance I walked is not a long one. It’s just three kilometers i.e just one kilometer added to my morning walk routine. Still many people think it’s too long. Even if they’ve to stir for one kilometer they’ll be dependent on vehicle.
Winters are going on. But that was afternoon. Sun was shining very brightly. My feet were burning as if I were walking on the trench of burning coals. It might sound hyperbolic. But consider the impression. When I’m on my morning walk route I wear comfortable clothes, I have no load to carry and the weather is soothing. On the other hand, the then condition was contradictory. The sun’s shining gave me warmth. I worn the school uniform. Black shoes, socks, pant, shirt, sweater, tie and on my shoulders hung a very heavy bag full of so many books.
 Finally I reached home at 3:15pm. A new experience came into being. It felt as if I returned from a war or reached the top of Mount Everest.
Coming back home, my mom asked me that she was just sitting in front of the CCTV camera but she saw no rickshaw. I informed that I came walking. She too was astonished.
When I changed my clothes I found that my uniform was wet with sweat.
I remembered my valor of how have I grown up in just one year. I had only this year unsubscribed the school bus services. last year, I missed my school bus, and felt really terrified. Then A classmate of mine, Aakarsh helped me up and dropped me home as he went through a scooty.
The second time I missed it, I for the first time caught a rickshaw to go back home. That in my views was an act of bravery.
Also I noticed a new thing that with every new medium, it feels as if you’re looking the same scenery with a new pair of eyes. What I learned is that we must never lose hope.
Friends, I’ve done with my content. Now It’s your turn to tell the time when you took a wide leap in taking any big or emergent decision. You must also tell me the time when you grew up.
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