11 Creative Little Ways To Spark Your Personality On Instagram…

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Instagram has emerged as a platform in the global scenario which has given different people an opportunity to share their voices. Be it fortunate or unfortunate, this has become a rat race to be on the top. So in order to influence or to simply acquire the stake in this era of social network, one has to maintain the way he sparks his personality on instagram.
Today I’m discussing 11 Creative Little Ways By Which One Can Spark His Personality On Instagram.

11 Creative Little Ways To Spark Your Personality

At very first instance,I want to make it clear that it’s not necessary that if you follow these steps, you can get thousands of likes or followers. But I can assure you that these steps can create an atmosphere of getting greater engagement.
Shiv Sangal, blogging, instagram, personality.

1. Look At Your Profile Picture

Your Instagram Profile picture is your first impression. As you may know that first impression is the last impression. Even when a person hasn’t even peeped into your profile, he is able to see your profile picture. So if your profile picture is of good quality, then you’ll be able to invite many people to your profile.

Profile Picture Tips

1. No Wallpaper Please.
Excuse me. Your profile picture is to let you showcase yourself about how you look and whether they’ve found the right match. If you display a picture of any celebrity, so how will any person identify that it’s you?
2. Closeup Please.
Unlike Facebook, you can’t open a person’s profile picture, so make sure that the picture you select for your profile is a closeup. This would enable a person to identify you clearly.

2. Revise Your Bio

Your Instagram Bio is equally important as is your profile picture. For this, I’d like to say that your bio needs to be a summary of what you’d write in your bio-sketch. 


  • No casteism please.
  • Don’t mention your birth date.
  • Don’t mention your relationship status.


  • Add a link, if any in your bio.
  • Make it creative by adding some emojis.
  • A new feature lets you tag accounts and hashtags in your bio.

3. Convert To a Business Profile

You can convert your personal account to a business account by connecting to a facebook page. This process has many benefits, as it may give a professional look to your profile.

4. Look At Your Captions

 Captions are really important for your pictures as well as your instagram profile. Some people omit this column. But it’s a natural human tendency of curiosity to get to know about events. When they see your pictures, they may feel the urge to know, where was this picture taken, what are you trying to convey? By adding the captions, you can quench their curiosities.
We’ve already discussed about the topic in the previous post .

See This-

5. Ratio Of Your Pictures with Followers

Being on Instagram doesn’t mean that you need to post a lot of pictures. It can create panic on your feed. Instead, you need to post only selected pictures.
When I signed up on instagram for the first time, I had a goal that on every picture i had to gain 10 followers. It might sound funny, but it is actually working. Today, actually on average, I have approx 25 followers per post.
shiv sangal, blogging, instagram,personality

6. Preferring over Public or Private Accounts.

Although public accounts usually outshine private accounts when the case comes over popularity, yet it’s not true that private accounts can’t be famous. I’ve seen several influencers whose accounts are private. For e.g. @keshav, @waynechang etc.
It’s your own wish. But I’d like to suggest the private account holders to embrace at least the first three steps as they can even excite people to send you a following request. Inspite of this, they also need to follows other steps I’m discussing.

7. Walking Through Niche

Pictures of Assorted Niches are a fuss. Too many cooks, spoil the broth. You need to stick to your niche. Identify your specialization. Initially, this step can be boring to you. This boringness can be lethal. To overcome this, you can start with two or three topics. This would prove to be more interesting.

8. Maintain Your Standard

Post high quality pictures. No matter, whether you’ve a big camera or a phone. Post your best. What people want at first is a fusion of your creativity and personality; The second place being taken by quality.


9. Archiving/ Deleting Old Pictures

I’ve seen several accounts which started in 2014 or before. Their latest picture are really wonderful but as soon as I start sliding down and reach to the posts of years 2014 or before they don’t give a good impression. They seem fade and yellowish. For this, I suggest that you should delete or archive the old pictures so that your feed remains clean.

10. Utilizing The Story Feature

Along with uploading pictures, you also need to add some stories. This shows that you’re really active. Stories witness greater engagement. Some of your followers mightn’t like your pictures but they would look at your stories. Your stories are more likely to appear on the explore button once you tag location or hashtags in it.

11. Publicize Your Website

You can publicize your website or business on your profile. By this way, You’ll be able to earn money along with sparking personality on instagram.

Summing It Up.

Sparking your personality on instagram is really an easy task. For this, you need to assess your profile picture. Getting a clearer and closer picture of yourself on your profile will attract more people to visit your profile. You should have a clean bio which should be a summary of your bio-sketch. Your bio should accompany a website. This way, if people are influenced by the way you post, they’re likely to visit your profile. To add a professional touch to your profile, you can covert your personal profile to a business profile by connecting to a facebook page. You should always post creative content in the best of niche. The pictures should be of good quality. The captions should never be omitted . When you sign up on instagram you should decide how many followers should you get on an average when you post a picture. You shouldn’t forget the story feature. Both the post and stories should go hand in hand.

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