11 Ways To Capture And Upload The Best Insta-Kind Selfies…

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Instagram is on rise these days. Almost everyone is curious to know the tactics for getting more likes and new followers every day.
The best models of Instagram are followed by the aspiring future celebrities. The biggest thing they try for improving their feed is stuffing their profiles with a number of selfies. But many a times, likes are not sufficient.
Nevertheless, uploading selfies is a good option. Today, I decided to share with you the tactics I learned after searching and assessing thousands of accounts of celebrities, celebrity bloggers, models and feature accounts.

How Much Important Are Selfies For You?

You might be a person with a good instagram feed, but it might be possible that you aren’t getting that number of likes.
Along with your nature or any other article’s photography, do you sometimes forget uploading your own pictures?
You must at first, observe your audience.
  1.  Calculate the number of your followers. 
  2. Note, whether you’ve known followers or unknown followers more in number.

If you’ve known followers more than unknowns then you need to focus on your own pictures too, but if you’ve unknown followers too; you can continue with your scheme. I think I’ve left you in an ambiguous dilemma. I can explain. When you’ve knowns in your profile, they’d love to watch your way of living. Particularly, a human touch is necessary in this case. On the other hand, If you’ve unknowns more in your profile, you can continue with your niche as they have followed you for the content you’re posting. Changing the way you post can lead you to losing your followers.

Shiv sangal, selfies, instagram, blogger

11 Ways To Capture And Upload The Best Insta-Kind Selfies…

Now, that you’ve known that if posting selfies by you is worth it, I think that we must proceed further. Following are the eleven points to keep in mind while clicking and uploading selfies:-

1. Maintain Distance.

Earlier, when the concept of selfie just entered the scenario, I got the habit of either taking the selfies too high or just in front of me which showed double chin and made me look like a fat deer.
So learning about appropriate distance is necessary. You must check by taking a few selfies before going somewhere.
One exercise is to close your mouth and stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth; and smile. This will give a gentle look to your face.

2. Stay Tuned With Brightness.

Dull selfies are not worth uploading. Check that there must be enough light around before taking selfie. Check that your lens are clean, so that they mustn’t clog the light.
If the pictures are not bright you can also opt for editing them, but mind it that you shouldn’t over edit them.

3. Follow the 40% Rule.

Have you ever been confronted with a person whose profile is just full of many images but they all are selfies. These sorts of people will hardly get followers.
For this, I’ve developed a 40% rule. According to the 40% rule, Out of the total number of pictures on your Instagram profile, the number of your selfies should not exceed by 40 per cent.

4. Check Whether You Should Use Story Or Post.

Not every selfie is worth uploading. For some selfies, it’s better that you just upload them on your story and over. 
Try rating your selfies on the scale of 1-10. All those selfies which come below 5 deserve to be on story and above 5 should be uploaded. By the way, I prefer using stories for the purpose, as there is no limit on how you should use stories.

5. Selfies as Souvenirs

Have you heard, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ But how often do you adopt this saying?
I suggest you not to serve your Instagram profile, a habitat to crap. You should post only those pictures which are memorable for you. For example, In the above picture, my friend Harsh and I took the selfie because both of us had got the very first opportunity to represent our school in a debate. So it was a memorable moment.
Now consider a useless moment; two people, who meet almost everyday, out of getting bored take a selfie and upload it. These type of selfies should be avoided. 
You should think in your mind that how can you describe your selfie and you’ll have your answer.

6. Vibes Matter

You should pay attention at how your selfies make you feel after you click them. If they make you feel positive, upload them. If they make you feel negative, discard them.


7. Mind The Arrangement

You should have a look at how the contents in the selfie are arranged. It shouldn’t seem as if everything is pushed in a corner and a plain background is appearing.

8. Composition must be Unforgettable

Having a group selfie is an ebullient task. But this act too requires some labor. Make sure that in a group selfie, everyone is merrily placed and has got enough space to appear. Everyone should be in a good mood. The flow of energy should be visible with coordination.

9.The Perfect Setting

Appropriate features of a camera should be used. No camera is bad, you should have the optimum utilisation of the features. Once you’ve used good features, you’re done.

10. Seek The best Background.

You’ve done everything required to get a good selfie, but you still aren’t getting it. Why? The reason is, your background. Just like the contents of your selfie, your background should also be amazing.

11. Write The Best Caption

I won’t say much about it, but I must say that caption is just as important as the selfie itself. I think this topic must be discussed in detail some other day, but I’ve designed one picture to illustrate.
shiv sangal, selfies, instagram, blogger
Finally, I’m done with today’s topic. Comment in the following section, the techniques you use to get good quality selfies. Do share this post if you liked it.

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