The Biggest Difference Between Blog And Website That Is Not Understood By Readers.

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Today, the trend of blogging is on a rise. Everyone loves to follow bloggers and get to inspire by their lifestyle. But many of the people in India don’t even know what blogging is. Some just stick to a particular module or characteristic of blogging and claim that that is blogging.
But blogging is a wide concept. Today I needed to discuss the difference between a blog and a website; the reason behind is not that I wish to prove myself superior, but to erase a myth. Sometimes the myth creators get so confident that the truth seekers begin to doubt themselves.

What Is A Blog?

A Blog is a website that is regularly updated with small modular webpages (blogposts). It is generally not static as it keeps on being updated by the operator (or referred to as blogger nowadays). 

What Is A Website?

A website is a page on web which displays some information. 

Difference Analogy Between A Blog And Website.

Every blog is a website and that’s certain; but it’s not necessary that every website is a blog too.
If a website is regularly updated with relevant content through blogposts, it is a blog.
Website is of two types- Static and Blog.
Static Website is that website that displays only one webpage. This is used by different people who don’t wish to upload regular content.
Blogging Website is that website that is regularly updated with modular content or blogposts.

Hilarious Assumptions By People.

1. Blog Is Always Personal.

Some people suppose that blogs are only those webpages in which people share their personal experiences. But the assumption is unfortunately wrong.
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2. Only URLs with .blogspot or .wordpress are blogs.

Some people differentiate between a blog and a website by seeing .blogspot or .wordpress in the URLs. But some bloggers also purchase custom domains with which they don’t need to put .blogspot or .wordpress.

3. Blog Means Literature.

Some people think that blogging means literature. But, let me tell you, whenever you search for anything on the web, the results which appear up are usually all blogs.
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