What Makes Shukratal So Serene?

Shukratal, shukdev ashram, greenery
The Shukdev Ashram is situated on the top of a cliff from where your views can venture into the green fields and serene atmosphere.
I’m hodophile by nature. Personally, I don’t like going to places which are crowded, polluted or are hollow.
Nowadays many tourist destinations have nothing left in them but shopping complexes which don’t offer any recreation. Instead they push people in a further materialism trap.
Travelling is for spiritual rejeuvenation, while materialism drains the soul’s energy. Another school of thought says that materialism is required for living. Now my readers might wonder if there is any place left in the world which is a great travel destination along with being a center for anti-materialist spirituality.
The one and only destination for the purpose is Shukratal.


Unlike other pilgrimages it hasn’t still gained international recognition but it’s contribution to hindu literature and indian culture is monumental. This place, being the origin point of Shrimad Bhagwat Puran has played a role in sustaining the legacy of Lord Krishna.
shukdev, shukratal, muzaffarnagar, shiv sangal, bhagwat puran
The main gate of Shukdev Ashram.

Shrimad Bhagwat Puran

Whenever any author writes any book, he/ she tries his head and shoulders to promote the text and publicize it in every way he can; still it is indomitable to see that Bhagwat Puran which originated thousand of years ago has it’s sermons relevant to every generation. It didn’t need any marketing tactic and found it’s place in every home and devotees’ hearts.
I read Bhagwat Last Year. It’s basic text is 980 pages long, still it can be found in summarised editions too. The book is based on conversations between Samrat Parikshit (Son of Abhimanyu) and Shukdev( a sixteen year old saint). Samrat Parkshit was then desperate about the frailty of Kaliyuga. Shukdev then told him that everything is ephemeral and what remains is the name of god. Throughout the 12 skandhas(chapters) he illustrates his point with various incidents of past and forthcoming future.
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The idol of Shukdev sermonizing to Parikshit.
But this isn’t the only fact which makes the scripture indomitable. in 10th skandha, life stories of Lord Krishna are discussed. Various aspects of Yoga are discussed. Even they discuss about the seven continents of the world.
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While reaching the place, you can see many beautiful farms and sugar mills through your car/bus’ window. You’ll see the British period’s Ganga Canal Bridge.
On some occasions you’ll come to see nilgai. The time’s gonna be great.
Other than Shukdev Ashram, you can visit Ganga Ghat where you can boat , Nakshatra Vatika where you can feel replenished.
In Shukdev Ashram you can see a tree which is older than five thousand years.
tree of Shukratal, 5000 year old tree, bhagwat katha.
This is the tree under which Shukdev delivered the Bhagwat katha to Parikshit.
Shukratal, bhagvat katha, bhagvat puran
The Shukdev ashram is situated on the top of a cliff.

How To Reach?

If you ever make up your mind to visit Shukratal. You must plan properly. There are various Dharamshalas and food corners in Shukratal . You can also stay in Muzaffarnagar which is just 30 kms from there.
Shukratal, muzaffarnagar, shiv sangal, bhagwat katha, bhagwat puran
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