11 Ways Stopping Watching T.V Helped Me.

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Sounds so easy, right? But it’s not.  Actually, watching T.V is one of the biggest addictions of the world. My act of leaving T.V is like winning a battle for me. Before I discuss with you how stopping watching T.V helped me, I would like to share with you, why I left watching T.V.

Why I Stopped Watching T.V?

I stopped watching T.V because I knew it is worthless. Right from our childhood, we’re taught to write an essay on T.V and what do we have to write? T.V is crap, T.v is an idiot box, bla, bla, bla.

1.     Repeating episodes.

I used to watch some science and tech shows some time before. But their problem was, the shows from India had nothing special to showcase, the knowledge they had was nothing in comparison to that I have. Those episodes which were telecasted from abroad had more repeat telecasts than they had real episodes.

2.     Story-less serials.

The telecasting of some serials is really appreciable but most of them usually end up on the same track- Saas-bahu. I don’t know if production teams plan their serials’ end. The story they start with is usually covered within a year. I don’t know, why and how some serials are able to carry on for decades!

3.     Unreal Reality Shows

It’s obvious to see many reality shows on the T.v that they are scripted.

11 Ways Stopping Watching T.V Helped Me.

It’s been since the 1st of June 2018 that I stopped watching T.V. I don’t watch it till now. I was so amused to watch the T.V when I went to get the scooty serviced.

1.     Focusing On Studies.

Now, I’m able to focus better on my studies. Also 12thclass students are expected to stay away from distractions. So did I.

2.     Focusing On Blogging.

I’ve also been able to focus on my blog, I’ve my creative juices flowing. I get new ideas for blogposts. I post more creative content on social media.

3.     No Stories Of Serials Crawling.

It’s the problem of every other person but now not mine.  Earlier, when I watched T.V, the story of serials remained in my mind and chased me when I would be studying or blogging. This was really irritating.

4.     No Crap in life.

I think that one of the biggest sources of crap in life is T.V. In serials there are men and women (characters) who do nothing and are good for nothing. There is an aunty or any other relative old lady who is jealous of everyone, thinks malicious and knowing about everything and everyone is important for her. All this doesn’t happen in life that one keeps on blushing and weeping every time.

5.     Positive Attitude.

When you keep watching different movies and serials, you adopt a villain like attitude, you doubt everyone. This doesn’t happen all of a sudden but gradually. When you leave watching T.V you feel back like a human.  Leaving Watching television I feel more positive than ever.

6.     Better Memory.

I am now able to recall incidents, words from my vocabulary , news and even my lessons more easily. As I previously mentioned, there is no memory of serials crawling in my mind.

7.     Leisure Time.

Earlier I used to spend one hour in the afternoon and two hours at night watching T.V. That sums to twenty one hours a week. After Leaving T.V; I’ve been able to save this time. I also sleep on time which doesn’t cause me stress.

8.     Better Eyesight.

You can easily, what would happen to a person who sits twenty one hours a week in front of television. Earlier I had a few aches in my eyes as well as in forehead but now they’re gone.

9.     Dining Habits.

When you watch T.V, you don’t just watch T.V, you also like to have your meals in front of it. You’re in a hurry, I don’t know of what. You don’t chew it properly. This results in sedentary lifestyle and obesity.
Leaving T.V has enabled me to enjoy the food my mom cooks with so much affection. I use dining table for my meals. I chew it properly. I can proudly say that it is digested properly.


I perform yoga, morning walk but I still have time to enjoy my day.

11.Reading Time

I’m a human, I need entertainment. This might be your query, but not mine. There are various sources of entertainment. I read. I love reading. You too can join a library where you can get many books.
If you’re not interested in reading try some music instead.

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