Some Teachers’ Day Ideas I Tried And You Can Too

Teachers’ Day is observed on 5th September every year. Massive celebration takes places in schools and colleges. This day is celebrated to honor the teachers and show the gratitude to them. Let me tell you how we celebrated the teachers’ day in our school.
Arrow's white shirt, Timex's watch, Monte Carlo's trousers and Woodland's shoes.
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Dressed as Teachers

Since I’m in twelfth class, in our school, twelfth class students are supposed to be dressed as teachers. I too dressed myself like a teacher and went to school.

Insights Of My Personal Style.

I wore a Arrow‘s white shirt, Timex‘s watch, Monte Carlo‘s trousers and Woodland‘s shoes.
They all made be look like a complete man.
I cannot share with you the pictures of the entire event as phones weren’t allowed inside the campus.

.Arrow's white shirt, Timex's watch, Monte Carlo's trousers and Woodland's shoes, shiv sangal, teachers day

Experience With Students.

I was allotted class 10th A to manage. One student from another section was also with me in the same class.
I started with their introduction.
But I stated that their introduction should follow the given format.
  1. Name Of The Student.
  2. Hobbies
  3. The Stream they’re going to opt for after class 10th.
  4. Their favorite social media personality.
  5. What they felt about their school.
  6. What they felt about their city.

The answers of the questions 1, 2 and 4 were given very well by the students. Though some students perceived it as a one-word answer questionnaire , it was meant as a structure for composing a paragraph to enable the students introduce them better.

Now Let me share with you the answers they gave for the remaining questions.

The Stream They’re Going To Opt For After Class 10th.

Many students didn’t have an accurate answer to this question. Some hadn’t decided till then. Only a handful of students were confident about whether they were going to take either science or commerce.
When I asked the students why they chose commerce, they simply said they didn’t like science that’s why. Some said that they’re going to opt for science because they didn’t like commerce.
I explained to them that one should be passionate about the stream he chooses, no stream is a second option.

What They Felt About Their School.

Many students answered vigorously till question 4 but their spirit faded once they reached question 5th. Many students called their own school loser. Some even used the words like ‘crap’, ‘dustbin’, ‘misery’ etc.
I explained to them that our school is the only english medium school of the district which maintains an english speaking standard.
I further told them that in other schools of the district, children are told to cram two essays and either of them comes in the exams. But in our school, students are taught to write by themselves from third class itself. Our school fosters manifestation of ideas.
I told them about my experience about visiting the government district library and how rude the librarian was. Their librarian didn’t have any record on the number of books. 
I told them that our school library has twenty thousand books which is quite a large number on account of any school library.

What They Felt About Their City.

Many children called this city ‘the crime city’ but I told them that if they look on the data of previous years there is less number of criminal activities than rumored. Muzaffarnagar is known as sugar bowl of India.
It’s Gud Mandi is the largest in Asia and the jaggery is exported to all over the world.
Muzaffarnagar is also the origin point of Bhagwat Puran. Read this blogpost to know more about this.
Even if you leave the other points, how can you call your home a crime city?

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