3 Places In Vahelna You Must Visit

This is basically a throwback post as I visited The Shri Digambar Jain Mandir Atishay Kshetra  in Vahelna in 2014. But, since I live in Muzaffarnagar, I felt obliged to share a tourist destination of my hometown with you.

All these pictures are clicked and edited by me.
Vahelna is a small village of Muzaffarnagar which is very well connected to NH58. This place is less known so you’ll find less crowd except on sundays.
You can visit many places like
Let me take you on it’s tour.

Vahelna Jain Mandir

This is the main attraction of Vahelna. In it’s campus you’ll find a beautiful statue of Lord Parshavnath inside the temple. Also you’ll find a 31 feet tall statue of him there. Many paintings and sculptures are made depicting the scriptural tales.
Vahelna jain mandir, Muzaffarnagar
31 feet long statue of Lord Parshavnath.
Here you can go for a small boat ride in a small boat with your family. If not, you can sit on the beautiful benches and enjoy the scenery.
Vahelna jain mandir, Muzaffarnagar
Two duck shaped motor boats at the pond in Vahelna.
Vahelna jain mandir, Muzaffarnagar
Benches Near the pond.
 There is a small garden called ‘Tirthankar Vatika’ where you’ll find 24 trees representing 24 Tirthankars of  Jainism.
Vahelna jain mandir, Muzaffarnagar
Gardens of Vahelna jain mandir.

Hindu Temple

You can also visit the hindu temple. All the jain temple, a mosque and the hindu temple share a common wall. 
Vahelna jain mandir, Muzaffarnagar
Vahelna Hindu Temple.
Though you might not find it as glamorous as the jain temple, it’s still beautiful. A school is also opened nearby.

Ruins Of A Castle

Here you can also find the ruins of an old Castle. It’s not a tourist spot as it is illegally occupied by some people but you can stand in front and it will act as your photo point. Since Muzaffarnagar was the biggest settlement of Sayyiads in India, this structure was also made by them.
Vahelna jain mandir, Muzaffarnagar
Ruins of a castle in vahelna.


  • The best time to visit Vahelna is either October or March.
  • A grand fair is organised every year on 2nd of October. There you can buy many pomelos(chakotra) as well as star fruits(kamrak).
  • On the same day, matrimonial matchmaking festival occurs.

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