7 Self Nurturing Products From Sidhbali Cosmetics You must try.

I recently started collaborating with many brands. The purpose of my collaboration is not to earn but to unleash those brands and their products which have quality but aren’t able to reach the wide subjects. My aim is to provide them with an audience.
So, one of the brands which I found worth reviewing is – Sidhbali Cosmetics.
This is a part of Sidhbali Formulations, a reputed pharmaceutical firm which has established a commendable goodwill in the market since 12 years.
I even ran a giveaway on Instagram of Sidhbali’s products ( You see! how well I love them). Though it is now over, still you can have a look by clicking here.

7 Self Nurturing Products From Sidhbali Cosmetics You Must Try

So, here I’m sharing 7 Nurturing Products from Sidhbali Cosmetics you must try. Look serially through the picture.
Sidhbali Cosmetics
All the products mentioned serially- 1. Sanginee Sunscreen; 2. Cleanax soap; 3. Hands Plus Handwash; 4.Fascia Anti Aging Cream ; 5 Sanginee Almond Hair Oil; 6. Face Plus Facewash; 7.Solaris Lavendar Talc.

1. Sanginee Sunscreen

You think that summers are over, tanning is over. No, tanning is probable even in winters.
Opt for Sanginee Sunscreen which comes with SPF 30.
It is purely natural and eco-friendly.
It comes in 100 ml pack.
MRP- ₹116.

2. Cleanax Neem And Aloe Soap

This is a wonderful soap which is made of Neem and Aloe Vera Extracts.
It has two variants-
One is for summers, other is for Winter dryness.
It cleanses oily skin and controls acne. It is paraben and triclosan free.
It comes in 100 gm pack.
MRP- ₹51

3. Hands Plus Handwash

It is a handwash with a smooth texture composed of neem extract. Using it can also  remove the dryness from your skin.
This is the product which I like the most from this collection. It comes in 250 ml pack.

Hands Plus Neem Handwash

You can buy it on Flipkart.

Hands Plus Aloe Vera Handwash.

It comes in the same pack as that of neem handwash and has the same price. Only the flavours and colours differ. This is also available on Flipkart.

Hands Plus Mini Neem Handwash

It comes in 50 ml pack.

Hands Plus Pearly Handwash.

This is a deluxe product from the range of handwashes. It is scented and has a pearly white colour. It also has a creamy texture. It also comes in 250 ml pack.

Hands Plus Pearly Handwash
Hands Plus Pearly Handwash

Cleanax Hand Sanitizer

You don’t need a soap or handwash every time , sometimes a drop of hand sanitizer is sufficient.
Buy, Hands Plus Hand Sanitizer which comes in 250 ml pack.
MRP- ₹120.

Cleanax Hand Sanitizer
Cleanax Hand Sanitizer

4. Fascia Anti Aging Cream.

Fine lines on the face is nowadays everyone’s problem; even teens, the reason being sedentary lifestyle and growing stress. You can try Sidhbali Cosmetics’ Fascia Anti Aging Cream for removing those aging marks from your skin permanently. It comes in a small cylindrical container which can be quite handy and can fit very well in your pocket.
Available on Flipkart.
MRP-₹ 195

5. Sanginee Almond Hair Oil.

This is a soothing hair oil with the maximum concentration of Almond Oil mixed with 11 other oils. It promotes Hair growth and nourishes the scalp.
Available on Flipkart.

6. Face Plus Face Wash.

This face wash cleanses your skin and removes all the dirt and toxins. It is specialized in treating acne. It comes in 320 g pack.
Available on Flipkart

7. Solaris Lavender Talc.

Putting this talc is a relieving experience. Talc is useful not only in protecting from heat, but from itching and diseases related to personal hygiene as well.

How To Reach?

You can buy some of these products on flipkart. Rest you can buy from it’s physical store-
Shivalaya, Dwarkapuri, Main Road , Muzaffarnagar, 251002.
MOB- 9412423170. This Number also operates on Whatsapp, text us to get inside our premium group.
Sidhbali Cosmetics is also on Instagram 

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