Exploring The Magnificient Kotdwar

On the day of Goverdhan, the next day of Diwali, Dad gave me two options, either we could go to the Gaushala to see the effigy of Goverdhan made of dung or go to Sidhbali in Kotdwar. I chose the latter.
Sidhbali Mandir is a beautiful temple of Lord Hanuman set atop a hill covered with dense forests on the bank of Solani river.
There are a number of other places to visit in Kotdwar itself. 
Let me share with you some pictures of the destination as well as the way.
sidhbali hanuman ji, kotdwar
Sidhbali Hanuman Ji
A cart at a railway crossing in Bijnor.
Langurs in Sidhbali Temple.
A woman lifting a puppy on the gate of Sidhbali Temple.
Sidhbali Mandir, Kotdwar
A side of Sidhbali Mandir.
sidhbali mandir kotdwar
Another side of Sidhbali Mandir.
Sidhbali Mandir, Kotdwar, Market
The market outside the Sidhbali Mandir.

himalayas, kotdwar
A narrow passage showing the way to the temple.

Durga Devi Mandir

Another beautiful place of Kotdwar is Durga devi Mandir. It’s a small cave temple on the banks of Solani river. You can see some beautiful wall paintings in the temple too.
This temple is a less known place so you’ll see less tourists, but the experience would be awesome. The solani river is in the form of a waterfall here.
Durga Devi Mandir, Kotdwar.
Akhand Jyoti in Durga Devi Mandir.

Durga Devi Mandir, Kotdwar.
The locality around Durga Devi Mandir.
Solani River
Solani River.


This is also an off the beat tourist site. Here Dushyant met Shakuntala. This place is so popular among the localites that the entire village has been named as Kanvashram. Here you can also see a Shiv Temple.

A beautiful Hut in Kanvashram Village.

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