9 Ways To Click Good Pictures, Even When You Don’t Travel

Shukratal, Hanumaddham, shiv sangal, muzaffarnagar
I got this picture clicked in Hanumaddham, Shukratal.
A few weeks ago, one of my friends messaged me for getting to know of some locations for good photography. At that time, I told him of some locations. 
This conversation was just an opening statement for my mind to venture into the prospects for the places for good photographs. Photography is an artistic hobby. Even when we’re good photographers or not; getting a good picture clicked illuminates our mood.
But not everyone has time or money to travel. So today I’m sharing nine tips for clicking good pictures even when you aren’t travelling.

9 Ways To Click Good Pictures, Even When You Don’t Travel

1. Look At Your Ideal Composition

To click a good picture, you must have that picture in mind. Your pose, scene etc.
Start looking at your role models on Instagram and save them in a collection. Pinterest can also get quite handy in this regard. I used it to get good pictures clicked in the desert.
flowers, peddler, nursery, redhi
I clicked this picture in Gandhi Colony.

2. Not Every Pose Suits You

Everyone of us have a different body shape and size. Characteristics matter from person to person. This means that a pose made by your friend would not necessarily suit you.
Still you must try it and you must be prepared to accept your failures.
shiv sangal

3. Search The Famous Places Of Your City.

There might be many places in your city, which might act as great locations for your photoshoots.
It needs not be any big tourist place. Even debris can act good.
Last year, three of my classmates found some medieval age debris of any building near the highway. They got superb pictures clicked there. They attracted the attention of whole of the class but never revealed the true location.
Many a times, there are places which because fall in our areas are undermined because of our prejudices. Go and Seek them.
In my city, Vahelna and Shukratal are quite famous.
flowers, shiv chowk, muzaffarnagar
Clicked this picture in flower market near Shiv Chowk.

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4. That Ignored Corner Of Your House.

Yes, your house is a great location for photoshoots, even if you don’t believe it. 
The biggest benefit of clicking in your house is that you can spread your crap (Uh! I mean your photography props! 🙂 ) anywhere. You can pose like idiots and there’s no one gazing at you madly. 
You’ve a right, you’re free. 
For those who’re introverts and feel shy posing in front of strangers, getting pictures at home is the best  alternative.
Clicked this squirrel on my terrace.

5. Busy Markets  

Getting good pictures clicked in the markets also have a magical effect. 
You might be wondering, how do we get clicked in crowd? But every market has it’s beauty.
flower market, shiv chowk, muzaffarnagar, marigold

6. Get Out On Streets.

Bored of your home? Market? Get out on streets. Yes, it’s a good option. Street style is a tending niche these days. Every street has its own view and you can enjoy it.

7. Restaurants 

Many restaurants maintain an amazing decor these days. If get good pictures clicked there, it will also cheer the proprietors’ days.
Masala Country, Roorkee, Shiv Sangal
I got this picture clicked in a restaurant in Roorkee.

8. Your Vehicle.

You can use your vehicle as a good prop for your picture. It’s at least better than simply posing sitting straight and smiling like a monkey.

 9. Your Dressing Sense

With dressing sense, I don’t mean that you dress too abnormally ( Torn Clothes, overshiny clothes etc.). I simply mean that it’s okay to wear sober but at least look at the colour combinations. That’ll matter the most.
If you’ve got some more time, feel free to share your views in comments.

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